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October 27, 2008

Stand Up and Win!

Recently, longtime contributor and friend Renee asked me to share my spiritual thoughts. Normally I'm reluctant to discuss such personal matters, but I've been reading a new book that is proving so helpful to me  that I decided to share portions of it with all of you in the hopes that it might help some of you.

Chick Healy is an ex drug addict and male prostitute who began turning his life around while in prison. The Stand Up and Win! system is the culmination of his life's study of the world's major religions as well as its best-selling self-help guides.

I'm including a small excerpt from the first chapter.

Stand Up And Win!

By Chick Healy

Your Eleven Step System For Personal Growth, Getting Rich, Finding (Heterosexual) Love, and Getting Into the Best Shape of Your Life While Eating Whatever You Want!

Step Number 1:
Transform IOU into “Y”OU!

These days it seems like we owe everybody something: our boss needs a few hours on the weekend, the tax man wants his pound of flesh, our spouses need our time. So do the kids. And so we rush through life handing out IOUs. I owe you my time, my money, my energy. It seems like we always owe somebody something. But what about you? What do you owe yourself? Answer: Plenty!

The Stand Up and Win system is all about transforming IOU to “Y”OU! I call it the “YOU Force.” Because YOU are the most person in YOUR world. In fact, without YOU, none of those IOUs are ever going to get paid, because you won’t be around to pay them. That’s why rule number one of the “Stand Up and Win” system is:

Transform IOU into “Y”OU!

What does that mean? Simple. It means you’ve got to make YOU your number one priority.

Maybe it doesn’t seem possible to put yourself first. Not with all those IOUs out there. But trust me, it is. When a baby is born, that baby is exactly how God made her. Perfect. She’s not worried about anything other than getting what she needs when she needs it. And when she doesn’t, boy does she let you know!!!

Do we go around saying, “What a selfish baby?” Of course not. Her cries are the "YOU Force" at work. When a person makes their needs known, and then goes out and fulfills them, that person is acting in concert with the YOU Force, the natural universal force of positive attraction. When you put your wishes and desires into the universe, that’s exactly like the baby crying out to be fed! Only the difference between you and a baby, is that you have the ability to go out and get whatever you want.

Maybe you want a new job. Harness the YOU Force to go out and get it.

Maybe you want to find a wife or husband. Harness the YOU Force to go out and get it. 

A flat-screen TV: The YOU Force can help you get that too.

The YOU Force is limitless. It doesn’t judge you. It doesn’t get mad at you. It doesn’t call you names. Why? Because the YOU Force IS you! YOU are the one putting that energy into the universe. YOU are the one creating all the goodness in your life.

Some people might say, “No, that’s God’s work.” And it is. Who created the YOU Force? God. When you use the YOU Force, you are working with God’s blessing because God made you in His perfect image. And if you want a flat screen TV, that’s exactly the same thing as saying that God wants you to have one, too.

I know what you’re thinking: “Sounds great, Chick, but how do I harness the YOU Force?"

It’s not enough to simply “want” something. I’ve got a little saying about “want.” And it’s this:

WANT stands for:


When we want something, that’s only the first step towards achieving our goal. The desire is essential but it’s not enough. The desire is The Receptive Posture at work.

What’s the “Receptive Posture?” I’ll get that into that in Step 2. All you need to know now is that the Receptive Posture is critical, but it’s the Active Posture that gets things done. And that’s what the Stand Up and Win! system is all about.

When we Stand Up and Win, we are using every fiber God put in our beings to bring about the positive change we desire into our lives. And when we do that, when we actually get what we want, when you take care of  “Y”OU, that’s when we can start paying off all those IOUs!

Do you see?

If you want the Lord to help you, who do you have to help? Exactly. Yourself.

Think of the YOU Force as a swiftly moving river. Your job is to let the river’s current carry you wherever you want to go.

Most people never even get off the shore. They see the river and they think to themselves, “Boy, that’s a pretty river.” Or “Gee, I bet that river goes some exciting places.” But when you suggest that they take a swim, they’ll give you a whole bunch of excuses why they cannot:

“It’s freezing in there.”

“I didn’t bring the right bathing suit.”

Or my favorite:

“I can’t swim.”

Back in the old days, when a child couldn’t swim, you know what they did? They threw that kid right in the river. That’s where we get the expression “Sink of swim.” Some kids drowned, sure, but some kids grew up to world champion swimmers. And that’s what I want you to become – the Michael Phelps of what YOU do.


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Wow, Renee gets the name drop. Very impressive, friend of mine!


Chick is right. I'm tired of being a WANTer. God thinks I deserve more, so next time, if you ever come back to perform in San Diego, I will harness the YOU force and actually do what I have been wanting to do all these years- ask you to help me carry home that flat screen tv so that I can learn to swim. Wait, is that right?


I am Michael Phelps.

Wow, Chick has a great perspective on shit.


Yeah, but will it get me that plane ticket to the Stella tour?

And my Grandad WAS actually taught to swim that way.


Oh, should I even consider admitting this? Here goes. It took me a few paragraphs to realize this was not an actual excerpt. I thought the commentary on the excerpt was going to follow. Now, in defense of my thick head, I should mention that I am not a morning person and sadly, it is morning. Also, I've worked with the public for a long time (nothing as glamorous as a celebrity, very famous, just a customer service rep). And when you have worked with the public a long time, you learn that there are a lot of crazy people out there. People that say things that just don't work in real life but they are sure of them. So when you hear something like that, you sometimes don't recognize it as ridiculous, you just hear another talking head spouting off crap. Honestly, one time while I was working at a Credit Union, I got yelled at by a woman that wanted to renew her license plates. She didn't know where she should go if not the Credit Union to get that done. So, anyway, that is my defense. Too many crazies in my life and a part of me is still as asleep!


Oh Lord. Is this for real???

Well now, here I've been calling my cheating friend who just abandoned his pregnant wife a selfish bastard, but I stand corrected! He has simply been harnessing his YOU force with that young nurse he's cheating, I mean taking an active posture, with -- duh! A wanted him too! That's not a gross manipulation of God's will to justify every selfish act at all! Revelation!!

Thanks Mike, you have changed my life!


Thanks for the recommendation! As soon as I finish Joel Osteen's book I will definitely have to check this one out as I completely lack common sense.

your friend by association,


Awwww, thanks. Can I call you Mikey now?

This is how vulnerable, naive, and trusting I am. I believed with every fiber of my being that this was an actual book you were reading up until I used THE GOOGLE. No Chick Healy. No book about standing up and winning. No promises of allowing me to eat anything I wanted (well I found some, but it was all horse-shit). Nothing came up on THE GOOGLE but your blog.

AHA! What a stinker!

So once that got through my thick skull, I decided to re-read the entire entry with that in mind. And now I'm laughing, but I also see a creative message in there that I believe to be true as well. Enough with people wringing their hands and wondering why and looking up and asking God to make things happen for them all the while they sit idle and watch re-runs of "Friends". We make our lives what they are. What goes around, comes around. Karma. You put it out there it comes creeping (or flying) on back. I get it. And so did the cast of Rocky Horror: "Don't dream it..be it". Oh and that cool dude, Seal: "In a sky full of people, only some want to fly,isn't that crazy?" They got it, too.

I ask you this: is it possible to believe in God AND believe in yourself?

In a manner of speaking, Chick seems to think so. I do, too.

I do, however, take issue with his ideas to pray for a flat screen tv. Mmm mm MM that is just nasty.

Oh, and throwing the baby in the river is just never a good idea. I don't care HOW fun it sounds.


OMG, LMAO, MIB!! This entry was absolutely hysterical! I'm going to hire you as my personal guru, because I simply don't have time to ask God for things anymore, let alone harness the YOU Force.

P.S. Are you going to blog about your 20th HS reunion?


What a powerful message. Through just that short excerpt, Healy has made me believe that I can do anything I want. Now it's time for me to "Stand Up and Win," even though I'm paralyzed and am confined to a wheelchair, because I want to!


Yeah, I agree with you Renee, that you can't sit and wait for everything to happen for you. If you believe in God at all, or a life force, or Universe puppateer, or some sort of order to things, whatever, that whatever is in charge, He ain't no genie, and if you sit there and rub your lamp all day, you're just a big perv -- that's delusional wish fulfillment.

But at the same time, I think we tend to put too much importance in ourselves, put more faith in ourselves than we deserve. We are people. We suck. We are small. There is only so much that is in our hands. We have to do what we can, but at a certain point, we have to accept that if _X_ isn't happening for us, no matter how hard we are working or how worthy we think we are, maybe there's a reason for that. Even if we don't like it. When one door closes, I just sit tight and have faith that another door will open. And one usually does.

That's just me.


>>We are people. We suck. We are small.

Well, except me. I'm awesome.


Jaime, you ARE truly awesome.

Here's my thing baby ::snap, snap:: And I'll say no more.

Too too much weird and wild stuff floating around out there - we're talking about funky phenomenon and way out cool experiences that cannot be explained away -Oh NO! - they cannot be explained away - not with Science - mm mm no - not with logic - no Heavens no - or theory - or anything we can come up with. I said nothing we can come up with.

Besides ::snap, snap:: our knowledge sits on shifting sand baby - thats right - shifting sand. Doesn't it change over the years? Yes it does - it's good enough until someone elses idea trumps it. Like a tower. Trumps it like a tower.

Then again, my friend my friend. I'm magical. Yes, so magicky. I see the unseen and feeeeeeeeeeeeel the unfeeled.



the more i read, the more it sounds like your kind of writing...funny stuff! you have to wake up pretty early in the morning to pull one over on me!


Aww, Renee you are so sassy! You are sassier than sassafrass, ::snap, snap:: haha! And magical. I am so lucky to know a magicky girl like you, haha. Do you have your own unicorn? So cool.

You know what I think is really funny? That everyone is initially fooled by Chick (myself included). You couldn't ask for better trickery, good. We think it's real on the first pass, because that is a fair indication of how many crazy people are out there. How many? Lots many. Nice writing Michael -- that is some good satire my friend. Kudos.

Lou D

I believe the expression is "Sink OR swim", but I definitely want to be a part of Chick's YOU-niverse!


I wanted David Tennant to stay on for a 5th season of Doctor Who, but obviously God didn't, so God can suck on Chick's winning dick.


What is scary is this kind of confirms my husbands belief/desire that anyone can be a cult leader. 'Cause there are tons of people who would completely fall for the line of crap that Mike just made up in that interesting head of his.

Of course, I will not tell my husband this, because then I will be forced to be a cult leader's wife, and as much as I used to love acting, I don't think I could pull off the "adoration" role for years upon years.

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