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October 21, 2008

Some Things You Could Put In A Wheelbarrow/Some Things You Couldn't Put In A Wheelbarrow

Could: Dirt
Couldn't: Two Jennifer Love Hewitts

Could: Wood chips
Couldn't: The same wheelbarrow

Could: Grass trimmings
Couldn't: The swimming pool from my camp

Could: Scrap lumber
Couldn't: Yourself if you also needed to push the wheelbarrow.

Could: Gravel
Couldn't: All the cinnamon

Could: Bricks
Couldn't: A real dragon!

Could: Sand
Couldn't: A teeny-tiny fart made by a teeny-tiny caterpillar riding a teeny-tiny bicycle

Could: Firewood
Couldn't: Some kind of pudding that hasn't been invented yet. (Once it's been invented it is no longer a kind of pudding that hasn't been invented yet.)

Could: Other wood chips
Couldn't: Outer space

Could: Roof tiles
Couldn't: The ineffable soul of Jim Henson

Could: Bags of concrete mix
Couldn't: My love for all of you!


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>> Why is it that when you blog about fitting things into a wheelbarrow it is funny as hell and when BoBo puts something out there it scares me?

haha, it's true! Bobo is really weird. But I like that :)

Not Bobo

Your love for all of us? Isn't that roughly the size of one of those McDonalds sized milk cartons?


Rylee? You're into wheelbarrows? I'm learning so much through this blog. Thanks and expect something black in the mail.


See how the little kittens lap at the milk?
(Even if it is just the little bit from the McDonald's carton.)


what if the wheelbarrow is very large and mayhaps surreal? then it could hold a lot more possibilities.

,livy =)


What's with you and pudding?

James Kurtz III

Haha. My favorite is "All the Cinnamon."

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Bonnie Parker

What the fuck is a wheelbarrow?

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