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October 15, 2008

How Awesome Is This Guy?

Answer: pretty fucking awesome.

You may not care about tax rates for small business, capital gains taxes, health credits, etc. But do you care about a presidential candidate taking the time to answer a question from a regular guy in a cogent, persuasive, and intelligent manner? I do.

UPDATE: Apparently John McCain reads my blog because Joe the Plumber was referenced about a million times in last night's debate. Suspiciously absent, however, was any mention of me.


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@Camille- I think that's kind of the middle-ground-point he's going for- that, while everyone loves the idea of affordable/free college, it would take an absurd amount of money for such a transition to take place for all the necessary subsidies, etc (unless the institutions were just like, "Meh! It'sawrite!").

A "do some Good, get some Green" approach at least...speaks(?) to the whole American-meritocracy idea- "If you Are lazy, why Should you get an easier ride?!" (despite how...ignorant a statement like that can be). I don't know where he's going to get the money for all those $5k-credits... also, how is this going to affect student-loan policies, blah blah blah? So much stuff to consider, but I think it's a (ugh) "step in the right direction".


He's awesome. I don't see how anyone could vote mccain that dried up old turtle, blagh!


Like Karin, I also wish us foreign types could vote in this election, seeing as how the fate of the entire world's economy pretty much rests on the outcome.


Joe the Plumber was a plant... he is the son-in-law of Charles Keating... ya know, of the Keating 5 infamy.


Man! try and embed a picture of MIB to turn the title of his blog back on himself, and ya get nuthin' but grief. Goodness. Well the answer to that question would still have been, pretty fucking awesome. Which would make more sense if I could put a picture of Black [here]. Oh well. You get it. You're great, ok?! :)


@Manobon At a recent speech in Ames, Ralph Nader suggested it would take $60 billion to fund free education at public colleges. Only $60 billion... (less than what we spend yearly in Iraq). Also, it's a $4k tax credit...

Stacey E

I love how arrogance has now invaded the Democratic party. Suddenly, you're a superior human only if you decide to vote for Obama. Get over yourselves, that kind of "better than thou" attitude was ugly and stupid when only the Republicans were displaying it. I love how we're just a bunch of dopes that only want to vote McCain because, shoot, he went to war and all. Or, shucks, he be runnin with a lady, and stuff. I'm a friggin' registered independent, and I'm voting for McCain. I've got every right to support whichever candidate I chose. I normally despise Republicans. He's the only one I've ever had respect for.
I'm surprised that nobody spouted the tired "four more years of the same" nonsense. That only those who can't think for themselves repeat.


I don't think the majority of people on here pooh pooh McCain, just some. I like McCain, but Palin scares me. Mostly though, I just like Obama's platform better.

Sorry you took offense Stacey. I don't think most better round here think they're better than thou. I do hate reducing everyone down to evil stereotypes. McCain is a moderate who's been on the Jon Stewart show many times as someone Stewart likes. Just because he's running Republican doesn't mean McCain=Bush. That being said, I still think his tax plan is elitist and his plan for Iraq misguided. And this is why democracy rocks. We both get to just cast our vote and leave it at that. Good luck to you!


I think it was on FOX you said McCain doesnt know how to use a computer so how could he read your blogs?


I am going to predict that Obama wins the popular vote by small amount somehow, but that McCain wins the electoral. Basically a "nice try poor people, nice try" same as last the election.

on a side note, Alabama comes in the suggested words for Obama on spell check, as well as a few other odd ones.


How awesome is this guy indeed!

Here's a live stream of the inauguration for anyone interested:(

MSNBC...of course)


Happy Inauguration Day, fellow Obama lover!

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