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September 18, 2008

The Return of Stella

Stella will be making its first public appearance in quite a while as we host New York Magazine's 40th Anniversary Bash at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on October 10th along with bands The National and Grizzly Bear. I don't know either band, but I know they are very popular with the kids. We'd love to see you there.

40th Flier


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YAY!!! Woo this is exciting news. I wish I could go.

newla marie

they are popular with the groans too!


*Scrambles to scoop up tickets*

Stella Merchandising

Hey, Stella Fans!

Get your Stella T-shirts (or other cool gear) here:



I am going, even though that must mean I am in need of some sort of intervention!!!



Whoo Stella. I wish I lived near NY. Good Luck ^_^

Steve Huff

See, now, what you really need that night is your trusty blog assistant, so if you'd just set up the flight and the accomodations (either a guest room in your home, or if that's too terrifying -- which it should be -- something at the big Hilton on the Avenue of the Americas -- a limo with a driver named Malik would also be preferable, esp. if he's young and androgynous. Or old and hairy, same diff.)

That way I can be there at your beck and call if you need me to... um... like... live-blog or load an image or maybe do some ninja photoshop on the spot. Cuz God knows those are things that everyone needs... now and then.

Or just stand around and be big and useless, which is something I'm pretty good at. If I shave my head we can throw scary into the mix and call me security. Sounds like a plan ;)


We'd love to see you there"

I guestion the sincerity of this statement. I kid....knock em dead,tiger!

Barry Lutz

Will Marcus be there?

Larry Leonardo

David Wain = Hilarious
Michael Showalter = Quirky
Michael Ian Black = NIGGER


The National are amazing. Wish I could be there.


YAY that Stella is doing a show
BOO that I'm unable to attend

I'll just sit here and cross my fingers that you guys do a tour soon...


How long do I have to ignore Larry before he goes away already? Get bored please.

Hey, isn't Grizzly Bear one of Showalter's favorites? Great news on your gig Michael. Too bad I'm (a.) poor and (b.) on the other side of the country, booo. Sounds rad.


Aww...I thought comedy central was putting it back on. Oh well, this is still awesome news. Good luck Mr. Black.


Jaime, I'm a no go as well. I try to make all shows w/in decent driving distance (under 2 hrs) but I definitely draw the line at flying.

Michael, you have a pretty clean house here, it's nice to visit. Do consider using your powers to block "Larry the Offensive Racist"'s IP.

Happy to see you and Stella re-uniting. Have a great show at your NY homebase, and a terrific time with your friends after.

Biggest Fan

stella is the shiz... knock em dead mikey

Underage Jailbait, Apparently

My friend and I were ready to bus it down from Montreal until we noticed the 21+ age restriction.

I wish you wouldn't play these games with my heart, New York Magazine.

underage as well

oh, how i pine! boo to bars.

Benny Bob

This is awesome news Michael! Even more awesome than Charles Buckley and the Skin Doctors!


I'm having a fake ID made now.


This is great, you can buy tickets here:


This is like that Of Montreal-karaoke thing (from last year?), except With M.I.B. instead of "absolutely everyone who knows M.I.B., but not including M.I.B. ... at all."

I hope D-Wain knows how to read mouths this time- "Use The Other Microphone!"


grizzly bear are really lovely actually. I highly recommend their live show, too bad it's at Hammerstein which fucking sucks and makes any band sound like shit.


No offense people, but I'm just fucking sick of all the positivity on this blog.

There's simply too much love. Where's the hate? Are we not sculpted of cynicism, spilled forth from the primordial ejaculation of critics and player haters? Birthed from the hairy taint of calloused disapproval?

Is it so wrong for me to say that I did not really enjoy MIB's little stint in NYPD Blue as "Joey Diaz", or that when I walked up to MIB and his family while they were in the middle of dinner at Red Lobster and asked him to tell me a funny joke and he looked around nervously for a few moments before starting to tell me a joke but had to make it family-friendly considering his company and I just shook my head and said the only jokes I find funny involve the words "idiosyncratic" and "cunt"...is it so wrong to offer my criticism of MIB's inability to entertain me while in the middle of dinner with his family?

Look into your hearts, people, and learn to hate a little more.


Fine,Reptar....maybe I really DO question the sincerity of his invitation. There-are you happy....bastard???

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