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September 30, 2008

Something Strange

Here's an interview I never did for a website I've never heard of. If you want to read comments I never made about the Amazing Kreskin feel free to click: here. Why somebody would use me as a stand-in for an article I only vaguely understand is beyond me, but maybe that's a measure of fame. When people just start making up shit about you, maybe you know you've arrived. I hope so, because I'm broke.


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Scarlet B.



First! Yaay! I needed some MIB today!


DAMMIT!!!! I hate but respect you. Scarlet. Fucking Scarlet.


Wow -- and you weren't just misquoted, it's all about you buddy! And Kreskin. And Judaism. Hmmm. And listen to how they just bang on parrot your humor: "I am like a one-man Kreskin filibuster on this issue." Yeah. Hooboy, you totally are.


OMG, someone just made it up this whole interview??? This is too wild!! I guess I can't believe everything I find on Google (say it ain't so, Google!). Fuck. So very sorry about this! I'll update the fan page blog accordingly.


Oh, dear. Does this mean it is pointless for me to be hanging around the Brooklyn Bridge today? Guess I'll dump the rest of these breadcrumbs and go home then.
As for your last statement, I know of a surefire solution to your problem; a makeshift kissing booth located in a discreet part of town. I am happy to monopolize the first hour or so and then let the rest have at ya. That should help cover the mortgage pmts for this month anyway. See ya there.


That's kind of creepy. Don't forget to lock your doors at night.

Todd from australia

hahaha my favourite part is "Along with thousands of other observant Jews.." and saying "hooboy!" :)

These guys really pulled out some ridiculously-scripted stops on this one


Weeeeeeeeeeird...why would somebody fake an entire interview? Maybe some dude is pretending to be you? I mean...otherwise, this just makes no sense whatsoever.

Also, I bought your book...and I'm extremely excited to read it. I'm sure it will get read before any of my required reading for any of my classes.


That is freaky. What a mixed bag 'o' nuts this world is.

Aria W

That would definitely freak me out. You going to let it stay up?



Hey, two things: we're receiving a pop up when we come to your site. It asks for a sign in and a password. It mentions the site page 23 - which is the link you have on your blog "This is Nice". Please consider removing that link, the sign in pop up is annoying and could be a form of phishing.

Secondly, that interview just didn't "sound" like you, necessarily. But you are such a karma chameleon I just figured you were trying on another hat.

Todd from australia

Yeah Reen I noticed that too, kinda scary.

Lets hope no-one is trying to assume MIB's identity


Hooboy! What are y'all talking about? The idea that this sounds fake is startling. Startling. He could use it on his tours, I’ll tell you.

I love a non-comedian impersonating a comedian. It is downright useless. But at least the last half is a MIB commercial -- that's something. Hooboy.

me again

Run, Fat Boy, Run is currently number 2 on iTunes! Yayyy!
As for the fake interview, that is truly weird, and I promise I didn't do it.


That article made perfect sense to me. Hooboy!

Nickel Jean

If someone's going to make up an interview with you, they could at least do it well. The quotes attributed to you don't even sound like you. Are you going to contact the site and get them to take it down, or are you going to let people believe you are an observant Jew who gives rambling interviews about the Amazing Kreskin (whom no one under the age of 25 has probably even heard of)?

I was going to post about the pop-up as well. If you want specifics, it reads:

"A username and password are being requested by http://page23.org. The site says: 'kyle'"

Who's Kyle?


Kyle is evil.


Kyle is the best kind if robot to get you off.


...so you never said, are fake interviews fair game or no?

Stacey E

That interview proved my point about the term "dry humor". Dry always means no.


ha! reptar.

congratulations on the "new" level, michael. perhaps you should retaliate by writing an article posing as him? what a slaughter/opportunity it could be.


Who is the Amazing Kreskin? Does he do birthday parties?


im glad i could find something to make sense of this holiday i had no intention of paying attention to. like a fart, wafting in the breeze for my mom to tell me it's time for dinner, or like that match girl cartoon on HBO at certain times of year (wha?)


im glad i could find something to make sense of this holiday i had no intention of paying attention to. like a fart, wafting in the breeze for my mom to tell me it's time for dinner, or like that match girl cartoon on HBO at certain times of year (wha?)

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