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September 10, 2008

Favorite Comment of the Year

Here is my favorite comment of the year to date. It is in regards to my post entitled "Clothing Optional Resorts."

You really know nothing about nudism/naturism. And what you really want is sex, since you want to go to swingers' clubs. Have fun - you would be totally disappointed at a naturist resort/club, since nude = sex is an equation that does not apply there. One goes nude for the ineffable feeling of freedom and closeness to nature that one gets. Trying to explain it to you would be as futile as trying to explain red to a blind person. BTW etiquette demands that you sit on your own towel, not bottom on furniture. Footware is not precluded. And the motto is, nude when possible, clothed when practical. Don't go around frying stuff in the nude! I'm sorry to see you've written a flippant careless piece of prose without any research. Pathetic!


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Jesse Dangerously

"Trying to explain it to you would be as futile as trying to explain jokes to a nudist."


I'm filled with similar hate! I'm so tired of your type coming to my nudist colony of choice and slathering your untowel'd nethers all over the furniture! And to suggest that such establishments are sexual in nature! We nudists simply do not tolerate such deviance, Mr. Black. Take your carnal thoughts elsewhere!


that guy should put his weiner in his mouth (note: if female, subsitute "weiner" for "twat", "his" for "her", and "guy" for "bitch")


"Don't Go Around Frying Stuff In The Nude!" clearly needs to be printed on t-shirts and bumper stickers. It is fantastic and sage advice.


I suspect you think all of our comments are equally inane, and rightly so. It is a shame. Most of us are simply people who really like what you do and want to show you that we care what you have to say. It seems to gone the way of all being a big drag to even bother and that is too bad.


that comment amuses me b/c every time i've been to a nude beach, the only people there are hideous, horny nude middle-aged guys of the sort who would whack off in the bushes behind a bunch of little girls.

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