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September 01, 2008

Baby Bristol

The word “Bristol” seems to be popping up a lot on my blogs. First, I mentioned visiting Bristol, CT, then made a joke about the “Bristol music scene,” and just today we learn that Bristol Palin, seventeen year old daughter of GOP VP 2B Sarah Palin, is preggers and will “keep the baby and marry ‘the (as of yet unnamed) young man.’”

Apparently John McCain knew before making the announcement that the young lady was expecting, and rightfully decided that “in no way did [her daughter’s pregnancy] disqualify [Palin] from being vice president.” Good on ya’, John. A pregnant daughter should not disqualify her from serving, but it does raise the familiar questions around abstinence-only education, which Palin supports. If Palin can’t even get her own daughter to keep her treasure box under lock and key, how can she expect less enthusiastically Christian parents to prevent their own kids from getting some booty?

Answer: she can’t.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned since, say, the dawn of time, is that people are going to have sex, especially teenagers. Why? Because teenagers are the sexiest humans of all. Even kids who take abstinence pledges end up breaking them 80% of the time. Why? If you don’t know the answer to that question, then you were never a teenager.

What’s also troubling about this story is that now a seventeen year old girl is going to become a political football. What should be a private family decision is about to erupt into a national debate unheard since the days of Jamie Lynn Spears ten months ago. And so, of course, Bristol is going to do “the right thing,” keep the baby, and marry the guy. But how much of that is her decision, and how much the Republican party’s?

And what about the guy? This poor schmuck is about to have his entire life turned upside down because of his assault gun wielding future mother-in-law. I do not envy him.

Why are they making this announcement now? According to The Independent:

…to rebut what one aide called "mud-slinging and lies" circulating on liberal blog sites.

According to these rumors, Sarah Palin had faked a pregnancy and pretended to have given birth in May to her fifth child, a son named Trig who has Down syndrome. The rumor was that Trig was actually Bristol Palin's child and that Sarah Palin was the grandmother.

So they’re using Bristol’s actual pregnancy to discredit her rumored pregnancy. Hilarious? Yeah, hilarious.

(And of course a day when a major hurricane is about to hit New Orleans is a pretty good day to bury a story about your evangelical Christian running mate's pregnant teenage daughter.)

Net result of all this? I want to visit Alaska.


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I like the political blogs very much, as well as all the others.

What you do, you do very well and any new blog is always a treat to read, makes me smile, laugh out loud and many times think about things I might not have thought about from a particular perspective, so thanks for that.

Jesse Dangerously

Jaime> McCain's not alright, he's a racist, hawkish, corporate stooge.

Ed> Mark Steyn is also a racist, hawkish, corporate stooge, but it doesn't matter as much because no-one is even trying to vote for him to be in a position to drop anything heavier than books on the public.


McCain a racist? I am very invested in saying what we mean and that words matter. So, yes, horrible word choice, but I'll hardly condemn a man as such for getting visceral to describe his specific sadistic torturers who held him captive. It introduces a question mark, but I don't think anyone can know what that experience is like. But, if you say so.


(But I do agree. Very insensitive and ineffective word choice.)


I am not sure about your statement that teens are "the sexiest humans of all." I was decidedly unsexy...at least at Bristol's age. How can you be sexy when your mom and dad are right down the hall? That's what college dorms are for.

I kinda wished the faked pregnancy story was true...seems par for the course for conservatives. But my takeaway from it is this: the woman's decision making skills suck. What 44 year old pregnant (for the fifth time) with a baby with Downs Syndrome and who goes into labor a month early doesn't go to the hospital where she is, but flies and drives and delays over 12 hours to some podunk hospital without a NICU?

If those are her "executive decision making skills", the state of Alaska is toast.

Jesse Dangerously

When McCain uses that racial epithet, he's NOT being specific in whom he insults. (I feel like a dork saying "whom" in the comments to a humour blog, but... I'm not one.)

His terrible experiences as a POW are probably enough of an excuse to be racist that if he was your grandfather you could explain him to people, but just having a really good reason to be racist doesn't make it an attractive quality in a presidential candidate. (Not that you said anything about him being a great presidential candidate, but you did say "okay" which I maintain he falls outside of.)


So I guess we need to be preaching that teens should have a lot of sex. As much as possible since they are likely to do it anyway. Self righteous bitches like this unfunny, pale, frail, worm-ridden, dickhole shouldn't mix politics in with their day job. You aren't even good at your day job.


Please. Come. To. Alaska. I'd love it!

Also, love your blog and I plan on commenting on old posts all over the place.

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