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September 25, 2008

A Brief Follow-Up to Last Night's "Little Britain" Post

In my previous post about my night with "Little Britain," I mentioned how Matt wasted no time in attacking me for being on "I Love the 80's," which I felt was unprovoked. However, "R" just pointed out something to me with the following comment:

In response to: Matt wasted no time in insulting me by saying something like "When I look at you I feel like you should be talking about Tiffany or other things from the 80's." I responded by saying "When I look at you I feel like you should be illuminating a lightbulb with your mouth." ********** I think that insult started when you first made a very distinct comment" You are "Nothing" in America.. I mean you are Nobody.." I noticed everyone got all quiet and look at each other after you made that comment. But then again, i think its an actual defense of Matt back fire at ya after that comment. --- I cant believe you just said that -- Vicky Pollard. From, One of the audience..

I forgot the part where I said that. Here was the context; I said, "I'd like to start by asking you some biographical information which you have probably answered a million times overseas and probably everybody knows it over there by now, but our audience  probably doesn't because over here you're NOTHING."

That could possibly be construed as an attack, in which I case I would definitely be guilty of firing the opening salvo. I prefer to think that I was being affectionate despite the fact that the commenter correctly points out that nobody laughed at the joke and I am clearly the only person who felt like I was being anything resembling affectionate as opposed to, say, a total asshole. I have this problem a lot.


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first b's!


I'm sure you had the very best intentions to *not* be a total asshole. Maybe a nice fruit basket will clear up this misunderstanding? Or maybe you should just loan them your sex cyborg.


I watched their interviews on Leno and Conan and both hosts said basically what you did, that while they are now very famous in England, nobody here knows anything about you guys, so tell us how you got started... that kind of stuff.

Michael, I'm sure you were great and I honestly can't see how anyone could possibly misconstrue your attempts at being affectionate as asshole-like behavior. They would have to be crazy.


A last minute save by hosting this interview, and then you have to take the heat for every little word you say?

Remind me never to get famous. I don't even have time to nitpick now.


Wow, those audience members must have been some delicate little flowers.
It pisses me off that they got to see you live, and they didn't even appreciate it.


I think you took that backhanded compliment from Matt in great stride.


Let's be honest - you've carved yourself out a niche in the 'guy who seems like a total asshole sometimes even though he's probably a relatively nice person' department.


Hi. I saw you in an elevator today and you seemed kind of unhappy, or tired. Sorry if you were.


All geniuses are misunderstood.


Aw damn Dana. I am so jealous of you right now I might stalk you and take a piece of your hair because it rode the elevator with Mike.

Don't be unhappy and/or tired Mikey. I've got Red Bull and rainbows at my house -- come over! Who's in for a Red Bull and Rainbows party?!! C'mon everybody let's do that congai!


Being unfailingly polite, the Brits are wont to be, even if they do feel affronted, they're not going to come out and say so. It's just not the done thing.

Most likely, worst case scenario, the boys will just shun you forever more. I hear Paul Rudd is in Little Britain USA. Could have been you one day...

Still, your comment, even if construed as asshole-ish, is better than saying nothing at all. To have been dismissive and uninterested, would have been the greater sin.


Here's the other possibility. Couldn't it be that you said something that was both a-hole and funny? I mean, isn't that the kind of roast-like humor only you comedian types can appreciate? So, even if you didn't get a laugh from the audience, I'll bet the comedians, thou who art trained and familiar in all variances of comedian from period jokes to prop comedy, can recognize some harmless ribbing.

I say hilarious = hilarious. I stick to that!

Larry Leonardo

Nobody cares about you, you dumb NIGGER

Barry Lutz

Did it really go that bad, or do you just have some sand in your vag?


All Brits are polite, my arse!


Shunning someone for the sake of "showing them how wrong they were" seems a pointless waste of energy on the "shunner's" part. Particularly if the "shunned" doesn't mind being shunned by that person anyway or is even remotely aware that it is happening.


who doesn't know that a-hole humor is the best kind of humor. WTF- you'd think people there to see comedians might actually be able to laff at funny (even mean/funny)stuff. wierd.


By the way, what did you think about the debate tonight? Hope to hear your opinion!

Jill a.k.a. The Nerdy Bird

Hey Michael, I met you after the show at Ramapo last night. I was the girl in the scooter and the one with the blog, "Has Boobs, Reads Comics." I just posted something about last night, I hope you get a chance to check it out. :)



You need to be cuddled.


I love the MB's. (Now sing that in your head with a robotic voice.)

Because I do.

Stacey E

You should have suggested that they try being funny every once in a while. Of all the hilarious British tv shows, they chose the one that's an equivalent of performance art. I really think the point of those two is to purposely not be funny. Absolutely nothing I've ever seen from that pair has ever approached even mild humor. (humour).
I love the 80's, I hate Little Britain. Thank you.


Fine. I give in.
Break out of the funk and make with the blogging, hot lips. And ixnay on the self-loathing, you're too pretty to be hating yourself.


Yeah, Michael. Make with the blogs, I'm boooored.

Benny Bob

If I was in the audience I would have laughed hysterically at that comment because I really have no clue who those guys are.

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