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August 01, 2008

Help Me Help You Help Some Chick in Alabama

There's a teacher in Alabama who contacted me through myspace about obtaining some much needed school supplies, and I decided to help her out for three reasons.

1. Her myspace name is Caramel Delite.
2. The picture of her husband is kind of adorable. His picture (and hers) can be seen on her myspace page.
3. She's working with a great organization that helps teachers get the materials they need for their classrooms.

Here's a picture of her class:


You can donate by clicking here.

All around pretty adorable and a great way to help out some kids.

UPDATE: Thanks Renee! See what happens when you give? You get personal thanks from poor kids and very famous celebrities. And from poor, very famous celebrities (Expect a note from Kato Kaelin.)

UPDATE 2: Thank you, Ethereal Zoe. Because of you, all of those adorable children will never have the following thought: "I hate Ethereal Zoe."

UPDATE 3: Halfway there. If everybody who reads this blog contributes one dollar, we'll be there in a couple hours. Then we'll all look like big fucking heroes.

UPDATE 4: Thank you, Zane, who not only has a generous spirit on the inside, but is hot on the outside (which, in my book, is more important).

UPDATE 5: Thank you, Tyger, who I do not know, but who lives in Laguna Beach is theefore probably a Crip.

UPDATE 6: Thank you, Jenny. Jenny gave because she believes the arts are important and because I told her to - not necessarily in that order. The next time I am in Big Cabin, Oklahoma, I will personally thank you, Jenny. (I plan on being in Big Cabin several times over the next few weeks, so you should plan on seeing a lot of me.)

UPDATE 7: Thank you Serena, South City High School, and of course, the Michael Ian Black Blogger Foundation, which is a REAL foundation* that makes grants to deserving people all over the world.

*Not a real foundation.

UPDATE 8: We only need $282 more dollars to fulfill this request. A promise: the next ten people who donate will receive a Mini Cooper courtesy of Greenwich Mini Cooper in Greenwich, Connecticut. You have my word. Of course, I am in show business, and so my word is worthless.

UPDATE 9: Thank you Greg for giving, and also for incorporating a Whitney Houston quote into your donation. Well done.

UPDATE 10: Thank you Karen, Susanna, Camille, and Tara. Because of you, these children will grow up to be respectable, contributing members of society instead of bitter, angry adults recounting to their shrinks how they had nowhere to put their stuff in kindergarten.


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That's really sweet of you!
(I'm donating my "firsties" to Preston)


A royalty check from Tucker Max could really go a long way...


Letting your heart out to play - good for the soul.

Her profile is set to private, so unfortunately we can't see the pics of her husband. She, however, looks lovely.

steg luh steg

oh my god she's beautiful as a rose
i love her


that's a very excellent thing for you to do, michael. classy.


Very nice of you to help out, Michael. I wish I had some extra cash right now to help out, as well.


I like it when Michael puts on his serious hat. It's like a fedora, but warmer and fuzzier. And smarter. Great hat.



It's moments like these that I can step back and see very famous celebrities as real people. <3


Just wanted to stop by and say that when my two friends and I saw you in Portland and asked to take a picture with you, we were being incredibly inconsiderate. There were many better ways we could have awkwardly said hello to you (for instance, here) than when you were sitting down for lunch.

However, I do now have a picture with you, which I will most likely hide inside my Stella DVD case and show people when we laugh with you, Sho and Wain. Thanks for not being a jerk.


did someone hack into your blog? where's this charity coming from?


did someone hack into your blog? where's this charity coming from?


did someone hack into your blog? where's this charity coming from?


I'm an artist and need some art supplies. You can call me Nilla Wafer if it will make you feel more generous in the wallet.

But really... good on ya. I'm happy to see those kids get what they need. And please do call me Nilla Wafer.


Wow, DonorsChoose.org looks like an impressive organization. What a great idea!


Now that made me blush. You're welcome.

And please hook me up with Kato. I have this hilarious joke inspired by "Spinal Tap" that I've been itching to tell him. It goes something like this: "No YOU smell the glove Kato! YOU smell the glove!"

It's funnier if you hear me say it.


Hey -- I put my dollars in the tip jar! I like that you use your powers for good. Go Mikey!!


school sux either way


Whee! Thank YOU, Michael. I will be sure to alert the mighty town of Big Cabin of your several imminent arrivals. And also I will be sure to put on some pants. :D

(p.s. i blogged this on MY blog too and told everyone to donate lest they make baby Jesus cry. That'll get 'em.)


Does this mean I am like 10th on the list of givers? Geesh, you people are quick! Hats off to your swift quickdraw on the donations. Those will be some organized little buggers come Monday.

So, can we exploit our goodwill by extracting services from the child labor? Because I think their next organization destination should be my pantry. It is a mess.


Yay, you made the goal! Congrats to all the donors on here for being so benevolent.

I am, of course, thrilled by the accolade (Who doesn't want to be thought of as having "a generous inner spirit"? ) and... back atcha.

On another note, while I don't ever post things on people's sites (other than here) and am unsure if I can even properly link this, I did go on the Colbert Nation website thing the other night and suggested having you as a guest (because so many people have mentioned how much they would love to see you on that show).

People have responded favorably and have attached pictures of your book and are excited to buy it, etc. So, what I am saying is that if any fans here want to add to that conversation and do something better than I am able to come up with, please jump on there and do your thing. Here is the link:



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