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July 15, 2008

My Book Is Out Today

Well, it's a great day to be me. My first book, "My Custom Van," officially hits bookstores today. I remember when the Guns-n-Roses albums "Use Your Illusion I & II" were released, fans camped outside record stores to be the first to buy them. Did fans camp outside bookstores last night to be the first to snatch up copies of my book? Yes they did:


This photo was taken outside a Barnes & Noble in Cincinnati last night. Look how happy and excited they are! And no wonder. Not only is my book on sale, but apparently Jimmy Kimmel is single again!!! Yes it's a great day.


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Yay! I can't wait to accidentally rearrange the new arrivals in my local bookstores.



Audrey C

Question: I was able to buy your book off of Amazon two weeks before today. Well I guess it's not a question. I'm just showing off because my friends were all "hey I thought that didn't come out until July 15?" and I was like "das right, bish."


Heyyyy...I think that's me with the wicker baby buggy! I also should have checked the Farmer's Almanac...I sure didn't dress appropriately for the weather!

Audrey C

I am going to queef on your book!


it was in the borders near my house at the end of last week. maybe if i had bought it then i'd have been able to sell it for a large profit? then again, maybe not.

tucker vs black

Hey what is all this talk about your book, when you haven't yet picked a time and place for the fight? Black the only thing worse than a pussy is a pussy that backs out of a fight.


Also, congrats on being featured TWO WEEKS IN A ROW in Entertainment Weekly - that's HUGE!! Fellow readers, please check out the latest issue, page 68.


EW also gave Reality Bites Back an "A-" grade. They are generally tough on new shows, so you should consider this a fantastic grade. Get ready for your new super-duper incredibly famous status!

Kenneth R. Sepety

I am going to hit the bookstores too with my horrible stench of failure.


I dreamed about this day last night. About the book coming out. Last night I did.


Sarah and Jimmy? Say it isn't so! :-(

So, I bought your book on my lunch hour today. The guy at B & N who rang it up said: "Oh, this guy has a book? I love this guy! This guy is funny, man, funnnn-nnnnneee." Like that. He really really oomphed up the second syllable of "funny". Fun NNNNEEEEEE. Of course, I agreed with his assessment of you. Then I asked him if he was wearing panties. He wasn't. (Etc, etc, etc).

Tamera the Admiral

Yes, but just don't be a sloppy pussy. like Clay Aiken, ;)


I can't wait I ordered my copy from Amazon on Sat!


That's me, 4th ye olde lady from the right. Cincinnati hearts you, Michael Ian Black!


Living in Tampa, I am shocked that a book about vans isn't available at our local Borders or Barnes & Noble. If the van on your book jacket featured a pair of fake testicles hanging from the bumper, I assure you that it would already be on the bestsellers list. If you have the good sense to not know what I'm talking about...



Michael, nice work! I got my book from Amazon last week and I just finished it today over an Arby's lunch. I felt sick, but I don't think it's from the book.


great news isn't it? better make a move on jimmy before its too late.

Brandon Hendricks

I read the exerpts from your book in the new issue of EW and was inspired. It's amazing how you can make a fan from the "I love..." series and random exerpts from your book... So I went online and bought it last night from Amazon because that's the first I had heard of it. I just found your blog this morning as well. It's great. I've read multiple blogs and am considering going back to the beginning and reading all of the entries... but that might take forever.

So here's to you, Michael Ian Black, for making a fan out of me. I hope Spedaris sucks squirrel nuts in hell.

Just A Girl

Why is your book not a "Look Inside!" book? I wanted to look inside.

I normally don't buy books that aren't "Look Inside" books but tonight I will go to Borders and purhase yours.

I'll return it tomorrow. But the point is, I'm buying a non "Look Inside" book. This is a first for me.


so i'm reading your book & i just had to stop to look up the word kismet. david sedaris books automatically know which words i don't know & not only look them up for me beforehand but do it in a way that never makes me feel less intelligent then the author. you have a long way to go to provide me with that warmth. however knowing that a chapter titled taco party is in my future gives me hope.


That looks like a pretty tough crowd to compete with. Did they get rowdy? When your fans get rowdy, it shows they really love you. Or else they need anger management.


Wow, I'll always remember this date...

mostly because I taught my daughter to ride a two-wheeler in about 7 minutes, but also because of your book release. kinda


i want to go buy it at a BandN


I went to Borders a few hours ago just to check out the display for your book. Well it was displayed along with other new nonfiction, right next to it, The Rise of Barack Obama. Cool.

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