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July 24, 2008

If You Love Hilarious Things...

Check out my dear friend Kerri Kenney-Silver's new website, Dame Delilah's Fantasy Ranch and Gift Shoppe.


Of course she plays a whore, but like all the best whores, she's got a heart of gold. People often ask me if Kerri herself displays any whorish tendencies. No she does not. She is however very loose in the vag. Not because she's whorish, but because she had a very big baby and was too lazy to do her Kegel exercises.


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saggy vag, huh?


what a lazy broad...




and also she is hilarious.


Nice plug for Kerri, she's my kinda gal. I'll check it out for sure.

You know you basically just called your dear friend a cavern cunt. (Cunt! I did it!) Which is ok, I guess, she had some choice words for your penis.

Looking forward to Reality Bites Back this evening. I like it when you're in my "funny box". Which is not to be confused with Kerris, afterall, each womans va jay jay is special in their own pink (and fleshy) way.

chris flannery

menu of sex acts!


Yay! Reen said 'cunt'! Well done my friend!!

As someone who had 3 big babies, I can't stress the importance of Kegel's enough!


Hey Michael, you remind me so much of Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins. Why do you two look so similar?


I shall check it out. I adore KiKi!(That's what I call her when we get together-we're so whimsical!)


Ok, yesterdays show was too much Michael. You are BRINGIN' IT DAWG with your John Belushi/Curly scene stealing ways. Fantastic. (You know what I mean right? Whenever John or Curly entered a scene all eyes were on them. No matter what. Now you don't Nyuck, nor do you scream loudly with one eyebrow arched, but you have the same affect (effect? - fuck it) on the viewing audience. Can ya dig it?

Hey, hey. Almost past Showalter with your myspace fan count. Maybe a thousand more, something like that. Piece of cake, right? Keep clicking and woosh - he's history! I'm only telling you this because he's such an absent father these days. So, :P on him!


Last night's episode was deliciously disgusting. And that face when you presented Luenelle (?), priceless! At 1 a.m., we'd just finished watching Trainspotting and we were dead tired, but I couldn't pass up the funny. So, I tuned in, and as my husband headed for our room, you made that hilarious angelic, "Ahhhhhh" face toward Luenelle. He caught it, stopped mid-stride, cracked up, and sat down for the rest of the episode.

Here's to staying up until 2 in the morning to watch silly Michael and a big disgusting horny lady! Cheers!


p.s. I can't remember the last time I incessantly laughed through such numerous and gleefully disgusted screams. Now _that's_ entertainment!

Ethereal Zoe

I truly dig KKS, so I'm definitely checking that out. I'm still pouting over you and Sho not being in the video for "Lorraine's Car", though. If Ken Marino can be a sashaying waiter, then you so can y'all!

Of course, I only have to look at the Bruiser Queen CD cover of two flies doing it and I get so grossed out that I forget all about that.

Blargh and ew.


Im starting to get the feeling you will never reply to anything.No matter how much i write and hope it never will come true. As you said you spend most of your day on the coumputer. Not once you said anything back. So you know what YOU can go ahead and suck it!

How dose that feel!?


Hey there Amanda -- stalk much?

Michael is a gifted, funny man, so I understand that feeling that you wish you knew him, but that last comment was a little spooky.


Hi Pru! Guess what my Rock Band's name is? (i.e. the video game, not a real band. That would make me real cool vs. nerd cool, and I am clearly the latter.) --> Logy Humunculi

Heh heh -- thanks!


Excuse me --> Logy HOmunculi
(I did spell it right. I promise. Although spelling it wrong would be a fine point of irony. I might reconsider :)


Amanda isn't a stalker, she's just sensitive and has a crush, right Amanda?

Ames, Michael will do one of the following things with your incessant messaging: 1. not even read it. 2. read and not reply or 3. read and reply with a quick, kind, witty, but formal response designed for no further contact. You will try to cultivate further contact anyway (because that's how females with crushes are programmed) and then, see steps 1 and 2. Here's the thing. He's a busy guy who is trying to please a lot of people a lot of the time - many are front burner (family, friends, business associates). Respect the boundaries and stick to compliments and observances in blogs/profile pages/facebook wall, etc.

If I were you, I'd find myself a cute guy who is into me and I'd hang out with him instead. Maybe even give him a blow job, if he's nice.

Good luck and God bless.


What FYI said.

And reading some other comments on other posts on this blog, there are definitely some other folks who could use the same sage advice (not looking at you, 'me again...').


A crush on Michael Ian Black? I don't know, seems a little crazy to me. ;-)


I was jest kedding :D
i love him but only in the same way I love pizza ;)


Alls well that ends well.

Now I can take that pooh.


As it turns out, I *DO* love hilarious things! I promise that I will totally check out this site in its entirety as soon as I get a good night's sleep. I'm tired, jetlagged and slightly looped out right now, so these whores are just going to have to wait (but since they are SO good at waiting for johns and such, I know they won't mind).

Nike Air Zenyth

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