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July 14, 2008

Hey Tucker, Can You Handle THIS?



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This better not be a "Photo Booth pictures of ironic fighting poses posted back and forth on our blogs" fight. I want a FIGHT. I want to see BLOOD.




As much as I adore you, I'm with Brad; let's make this real, let's make this the REAL deal.


No, I don't think he can.


That's a metaphorical fist, right Mike? Like each finger is a phalangical extension of your comedic superiority? Right Mike?

Oh damn. The homunculi are coming.


I don't know about Tucker, but you've all of a sudden gotten my hackles up,mister!


This gives me a girl boner.

Susie Q

My hero!


I think Susanna has bravely voiced what the rest of us were too shy to admit...


wow you look either super baddass or like someone is using the "accidental method"on you


So have you emailed him yet and setup a time/place?


Susanna, Therese -- I'm with you!

me again

Awww look at your squnched up little face!
I don't like the idea of you fighting. It could ruin this masterpiece! You've seen Mickey Rourke right?


Does that pic come in hetero?


no joke, this black-max saga is the only thing that is keeping me from killing myself while studying for the bar

Reen (always nosy)

If it's any consolation, I'm scared of you. I'm thinking that getting hit wit that HUGE wedding band alone - BUH-BAM! That bad boy can make an imprint on my forehead the size of a pickle.

I like your hair in this pic. And your dress shirt. And where are you? In a mall? A basement? A closet with cathedral ceilings?

Rabbit B.

Dude, that's fucking terrifying. Even Mike Tyson would scream like a little gir...well, he'd scream.


I am the man who will fight for your honor!!!



shet that's scary. You look like you're ready to mess him up!


Your so ugly you could pass as a pile of dog shit. I hope you like sucking threw a tube cause your shit is going to get rocked. Make sure someone video tapes the fight so I can see why you will need extensive re-constructive surgery.


So Paul can spell extensive yet can't seem to use the correct version of "through" . Interesting.


Paul's rant would be more terrifying if he'd used 'you're' instead of 'your', and 'through' instead of 'threw'. And maybe a sprinkling of commas.

Let's 'video tape' Paul having English lessons.


Don't forget you can always use your ring like a brass knuckle. Sometimes you'll get lucky if you strike the teeth (and if you are still getting paychecks from the tooth fairy).


Ha ha -- grammar digs! I love it! Y'all sew smart.


I just looked at Tucker Max's blog about all this. Interestingly enough, most of the fans on there DID get the joke and the comments were quite favorable toward Michael (although none of them could spell anything correctly).

Here is something someone said and Tucker Max's response.

Originally Posted by PJR808

Black trying to piggy back off Tucker??? Black is on TV already. A lot more people know Michael Ian Black (at least by face, probably by name as well) than Tucker Max.

It looks like the guy is having a little fun and trying to get some publicity. It's entertaining, so who cares. And if you read his posts, they're extremely self deprecating, even praising of Tucker.

TM: Yeah dude, MIB is a much bigger celeb than me. Even I know that.

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