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June 18, 2008

This is from a site called Galleycat

They like the blurb, but don't say anything about the book. They also like Hodgman's blurb, but again, don't say anything about the book.

Wednesday Jun 18, 2008

My New Favorite Blurb of 2008


"With this funny and idiotic book, Michael Ian Black has proven that even the most simple-minded among us can occasionally create works of stupid genius."

That's Stephen Colbert on My Custom Van... And 50 Other Mind-Blowing Essays That Will Blow Your Mind All Over Your Face, the first humor collection from Black, a fellow Comedy Central icon. I like that blurb even better than John Hodgman's claim that the book "speaks to the laughless in all of us and asks, 'Why aren't you laughing?'"


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gotta love those blurbs... mmmm


Hey Mike,
are you going to be a pannelist on i love the new millenium on VH1?

Nickel Jean

Hmmm...perhaps you should send the Galleycat people a copy of the book for their perusal.


Your book is my new favorite book of 2008 (and I haven't even read it yet).

Todd from australia

Have to agree with susanna there, its gonna be the first book that i've picked up in while

You should cut the book out and send them the covers filled with 1000's of blurbs inside.

And Galleycat was a GREAT executive decision :D


I think I may actually carry out my evil plan of replacing Sedaris' book with yours at the local reading hotspots. I'll be living out my very own Mentos commercial!


"blurb" sounds like when you drink a warm soda, which causes a weird foamy expulsion of mouth gas. Like, wetter than a burp. Like a wet hot american blurb.

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