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June 28, 2008

I Suppose I Should I Also Mention That...

I am the hot slut of the day:

From the website Dlisted:



Michael Ian Black from "The State," "Wet Hot American Summer" and "Vh1's I Love the..."

For Lauren


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Win! I said this in your other post, but we need to email Michael K and make you Hot Slut of the Month.


Yea!! you saw it!!! I think you are a comedic genius and I have admired your talent since I was in high school. I get bored at work and read Dlisted every day. I just so happened to be watching a video of yours on youtube and just had to email MK to ask him to make you a "Hot Slut". Congrats- cause you are!


Michael, you horny slut!

(YESssss! I can finally cross that off my "inappropriate things to blurt out at you before I die" list!)


So,um....are you really a dirty, slovenly woman?


In my opinion, you are the Hot Slut of every day.

Tamera the Admiral

You make me wanna drink coffee and masterbate. That is how much a hot slut you are.


Concrapulations...you just graduated to Hot Slut of the Week.


Next stop: Hot Slut of the Millenium!


Make sure to update your resume!!


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