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May 03, 2008

Another Great Link

Hey, my blog shows up in the top 10 Google hits if you search for this. I love you, internet.


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I know! I saw that on there too. ???


There are so many windows people are using to sneak into your blog house. You see them alright..but by then the damage is done. They're already in.

You should probably take down that map of your blog house. You know the one. The one with arrows pointing at all the open windows and unlocked doors. That's not what Craigs List is for, Michael.

Anyway it is now 7:34pm (Central). Are you still in LA? Are you home in your den with your smoking jacket on? Are you in NY playing strip Scrabble with Sho?

Come on boy. Give it up.


That was how I found you!


Your power to reach the masses is endless.


I would think Showalter has you in his favorites and wouldn't have to do a search.Hmm..


Exactly, what's with the Turkey link?
I did check on good old Google in the U.S. of A and you do still make the top 10 for the perverted search, if that makes you feel better...


Can I just say that I love constantly-blogging-Michael. Waiting for blogs is painful. Now, every time I turn around, more funny. Thank you! You are a black porn chicken bub skull fucking grandmother pervert.

I heart you so hard.


And Reen. I also heart Reen -- she's funny.


Aw, Jaime. I heart you, too. Let's do some moondancing together.

It is painful, Jaime. And because I'm a Nervous Nelly by Nature - waiting for Michaels funny blogs makes my right leg bounce on the ball of my foot. It also makes my left leg swing when they're crossed. I knocked over my desk gnome with that swinging leg last week.

I knew this would happen though. It always does. Michael blogs and blogs and the kingdom rejoices. Then he gets bored of our toothless smiles and moves on to greener pastures, cows with awesome teeth. Then he laughs an evil laugh, while we wait, panting, with our bonnets tied on much too tightly.


I totally jinxed it. Stupid! GA!


Don't beat yourself up Sweet-Pea in a Pod.

So Mikeybooboobearskinrug? What do you say? Do you have some funny/clever/revealing/funky/anything at all up your sleeve on this fine Thursday?


Hmmm. I clicked this and the other link in the previous google blog, and neither shows you listed. But I guess I default to google.co.uk, which is woefully ignorant of your great works.


how did that happen? that's just fascinating.


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