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May 21, 2008


Here I am in Encino, California:


Encino is wear they make all the crappy reality shows you see on television. I’m currently hosting a show that makes fun of all those shows by basically making our own crappy reality show. The question, of course, when making a fake crappy reality show is: how do you know when you’re making fun of crap or just actually making crap? That’s the challenge we’re faced with on this production. We’ve shot two episodes so far, and the only thing I can say about it without equivocation is that the catering has been excellent. For lunch today, I had a large green salad, several shrimp, and some ceviche. That’s why I look so happy. Because I’m eating well, and because just out of frame, the wardrobe girl is giving me a hand job.


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My uncle lives in Encino. Marcia Brady used to be his neighbor. Now that's a reality show!
That's a lovely,whimsical pic even if it has a dirty backstory.


Now I regret not following my dream of being a wardrobe girl.


Looking forward to your new reality show spoof. I'm confident that it will be anti-crappy.

And that expression! Whore-drobe Girl must have ice cold phalanges.


To be crap or not to be crap, that is an age old question if I ever heard one. Perhaps I have not heard one. Hmmm. Regardless! The glass half-full view here is that whether or not it is crap, it will be that much less crappy for having Michael in it. Like wrapping shiny metal underpants over boring cloth ones: It can only make things better.

Eyes pealed.


I am totally revved for your new show! I mean, I'd pretty much watch you do anything (even if you just stood there and read the phone book), but this reality show spoof premise sounds like a winner! It is also very important that they keep you well-fed and properly whacked off.

Young nursing student w/LG breasts. Not afraid to fly.

i wonder wear u will be staying in Ensino?
what hotel? and room # 2?


this comment has nothing to do about the new MIB reality show that i'm really excited about... but i ask this question to the people that read the comments because i know you are all big fans of this blog (just like me). does anybody remember a post about a college application essay that michael wrote? i remember reading it, but i don't know if it was here, or even if it was michael who wrote it. other possible candidates would be michael show or something i read at mcsweeneys... please help me out!


Hi R_Bishop, I couldn't find it here on this site, but did find the entry on Michaels myspace blogs. Here it is:


If that doesn't work, go to his myspace blogs and click on "older" until you get to 10/31/07.

(I'm so nice).


marry me?

marry me!

but don't call me mary!


I highly doubt that it will be crap. Love the random pics.



(Now, children, does that refer to Michael Ian Black EATING YOUR HEAD, or the wardrobe girl eating... never mind.)


hmmm I would still watch that crappy show just cause MIB is in it!


That is not a very hand-jobby face this is what a hand job face looks like: (please turn your head sideways)

Xo >:o Xo :P :)


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