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May 02, 2008

A New Service From Me For You For Free Because I Love You

Because I love you I have decided to start offering film/book/music recommendations. Whenever I am particularly inspired/impressed/agog, I will offer share with you whatever delights I have discovered. First up, a fantastic little film called "This is England:"


If you like movies about British skinheads in the 1980's as much as I do, this is the film for you. It's got a little bit of everything: suspenders, the phrase "you want to suck my tits?," repeated references to the Faulkland Islands War, some sort of candy that looks like a fried egg, a great handlebar moustache, and SPOILER ALERT: social commentary.


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me again

Summer 1983 huh? Yeah, that's when I was BORN. Here's my recommendation for you....buy me a present. You said you love me, plus I know you got the cash!

Just kidding. I will watch this film. Are we going to have discussion afterwards, like a book club for illiterate people?


hm. i saw a trailer for that movie about a million years ago, then forgot about it. did it just come out, or just hit dvd? i liked the trailer, and now with your added recommendation it definitely qualifies as a "must see".


jki;udioo;emjgeiojdi!!! Three? You're adorable. And...you blog like a machine, Lover. A well oiled machine. And you play us like a violin. A fine tuned violin. And, please, don't, stop.

This recommendation feature is a respectable addition to your website, even with the tit sucking reference. Especially fun would be to continue drawing attention to the lesser known bands, books, flicks - the quiet sleepers. As opposed to the loud snoring ones. The ones you have to knee in the ribs until they roll on to their side. The ones you have to pinch their nostrils until they gag and sputter and grumble "What the fuck?" *Those*.


A recommendation from you is as good as gold. I shall add This is England to my Blockbuster queue. I'll keep my thoughts to myself on the film, whether I like it or not (unless you specifically ask me).


My kids have been pestering me to rent Alvin and the Chipmunks, but candy that resembles a fried egg may be just what it takes to pull them in.
Thanks for the recommendation...I'll file it with Fido for an independent,quirky film night.


This makes me wonder if you went wandering around the neighborhood of your hotel and found Vidiots. I don't know if it is still there, but I used to get all my indy movies there years ago.
Being a bratty punk anglophile in the mid-80's, I'm sure I will enjoy this. Thanks for the recommendation.


Zane, you former Punkster you, check out Michaels latest press article about his former Punk rock band.


As someone who grew up in England in the 1980's, I can tell you now, that it wasn't all that great for us dorky kids.

But fried egg sweets still exist. You could have got yourself some when you visited the Fatboy shoot.


Blockbuster doesn't carry this.


I don't know how to make links work in these comments, but this is the official site for the film:



Well now I look like a twat, the links auto generate!

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