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April 30, 2008

Now I'm In LA

If you’ve ever wondered how amazing it is to be a celebrity, let me answer your question right now – lots of amazing. As evidenced by the fact that only DAYS AGO I was in Minnesota, and now I’m in California. And when I say “in California,” I specifically mean I’m in a DoubleTree Suites Hotel. If you’ve never been to one, let me clue you in: they give you a chocolate chip cookie when you check in. FOR FREE!!! You might think it’s because I’m a celebrity. No. I specifically asked if the cookie was because I am a celebrity. They said no, that they give them to everybody. I said, “Even Mexicans?” They said, “Yes.” Wow. Now that’s a great hotel.

Now, naturally they are going to do some things for me that they aren’t going to do for you. For example, they told me I was going to get a room with a million dollar view. They weren’t kidding. Here’s the view from my window:


You see that down there? Those are official Los Angeles city buses. Not one, but several. In fact, you’re looking at literally MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF BUSES!!! You can’t imagine how good my cookie tasted while enjoying that view. Los Angeles really is a gorgeous town.


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I wish you would start posting like, 3 or 4 times a day, cause I just can't get enough of you!

Oh, how I wish my DVR hadn't broken, cause I Love the 90s hasn't been on since I got the new one... I miss watching it (for the 20th time)!!


I always imagine that LA smells faintly of overheated breast silicon.

me again

See that haters? LA DOES have public transportation! Once you factor in the cookies and Mexicans, I'd say you've got yourself a fine place to live.

I heard David Wain is in town too. What is it with you guys? Are you stalking me?


They should have offered you 2 cookies, for the simple fact that you're very famous and not Mexican. Outrageous!!


I recognize that S.M. view. That is one of the hotels where we stuck some of the out of town guests for my wedding 15 (!) years ago. Have a great show and be careful getting home. USC area is kinda scary.
Today our beach has gone very fish-stink smelling. Hope it isn't as bad where you are.


Were there at least some trolling hookers to watch by the buses? I hope your door has a peephole because I think you may be having some unexpected guests after telling us...er,them where you are.


Well I, for one, won't be there because of a prior commitment here in San Diego and also because of that darn restraining order thingy...


I want to have your blog's babies


Holy CRAP!

What...no room number?

Room Service

Michael? Why didn't you answer the door late last night? It was Room Service. I swear it! It wasn't Bit of Honey from myspace. I swear it!

Land Shark

Michael? Why didn't you answer the door late last night? It was Land Shark. I swear it! It wasn't Renee' from myspace. I swear it!

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