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April 29, 2008

Here's What My Book Cover Looks Like


Is it pretty awesome? I guess so.


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It's more than pretty awesome. It's completely awesome. I've had in on pre-order since it was available to do so.

The really awesome part is the rust. The bodywork is shot, yet still it got pimped.

Does it come with a handy moist wipe, so we can wipe our minds off our faces after reading it?


WOW! We can pre-order from Amazon, yes?

First of all, the title is hilarious, along with the "left handed compliment" from Colbert. (You should get that Colbert "bump" as they call it). I also hope we see you on talk show circuit: Colbert, Stewart, Kimmel, Ferguson...

Secondly, you look fantastic all in black. Seriously.

Thirdly, you've snuck in your naked wizard chick with the hard nipples!

Awesome, indeed.


"guess so"? I KNOW so! That van's cd player is screaming for some Coolio and the bling on those tires is a nice contrast to the rust.

(so is Colbert calling you "simple-minded"?)


Ah, thanks for clearing up Colbert's comment,Reen. Perhaps I am simple-minded.


this is indeed awesome. i can't wait to get my mind blown by it's awesomeness.

Nicole Cooper

Wow! that's hot!

I agree with reen... you should do the "talk show" circuit!! And do loveline that would be the best mix ever!!!

Nicole Cooper

Wow! that's hot!

I agree with reen... you should do the "talk show" circuit!! And do loveline that would be the best mix ever!!!


Um. Wow. Can't wait.


Um. Wow. Can't wait.

Daddy Dan

And what a compliment from Colbert! What's on the back cover?

me again

This cover is a million radical. I'm going to buy the book, even though I've probably already read the content. Just cause I heart you so hard.

Will there be any new stuff, or just blogs?? I should stop asking Michael-directed questions on here. I'm pretty sure the only comment he's ever made is "I'm a Jew."


I've got 2 words for you:

Awwwwwwwwwwww Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Tom Lewis

that's pretty awesome, you look great, I hope you sell a million books


The cover looks great.


That van needs bigger tires.
That just my opinion, though


I love that Stephen's quote is on the cover of your book. You have to go on his show now. That would be awesome.

From a safe restraining order distance

This would make a terrific myspace default picture.

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