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April 30, 2008

Found This Photo From "Run Fat Boy Run" Premiere

I meant to post this photo a long time ago because it confirms my story of meeting Jemaine from "Flight of the Conchords as referred to in this post:

Img_1736_2 The guy with the sleeve rolled up is Jemaine, and the guy standing next to him is the other guy from "Flight of the Conchords," which leads me to believe that they hang out together. When I was in the State, we all hung out together too, but there were eleven of us instead of two like those guys, so it made us a lot more conspicuous. On the other hand, we were often able to get a group rate when we went to the water park. You can probably tell by the expressions that both of them have on their faces how starstruck they were to meet me. (I realize you cannot see the expressions on their faces, but if you look carefully at the picture you can tell that Jemaine at least HAS a face, which proves that he is at least capable of having an expression that says, "I am so starstruck to meet you.") You might be thinking to yourself that I'm the one who was starstruck considering how I'm going on and on about this, and they haven't mentioned me at all in any of the Google Alerts that I received referencing "Flight of the Conchords," "Jemaine," "Other Guy," etc, but you would be wrong to think that. The fact is, I just like to share with all of you stories of the rich and famous people that I meet, and while it's doubtful that these guys are rich, they are at least famous enough to get invited to the movie premiere of a film that grossed almost nine hundred dollars. 


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Robert Shapiro of LegalZoom.com

Since you and David Wain are both in California, is it fair to say that you guys are working on some new "The State" stuff???????????????? My guess is YES!


Don't worry...we should be getting that $1800 from the government soon. That will fatten up the wallet for a while. In the meantime,take advantage of those group rates!


Now then, are you the one with the red eyes standing next to Bret McKenzie or is that your elbow next to the woman with the drink in her hand in front of Jemaine?

(I never tire of asking you questions that don't get answered)


Please continue to update your blog multiple times a day. It makes me feel like less of a creep when I visit your website multiple times a day.


Jemaines expression clearly shows he has been pining over you ever since Eugene showed him "that video".

And, oh. Your myspace default picture is nothing but a red X. Reminds me of the time you just up...and...up and just...disappeared...and....

Anyhoo--happy subject change - here's hoping you score some California "born and raised" Co-Eds! Afterall, they know juuuuussssst where to find ya.


I don't know a thing about the celebrity pecking order, but I do know that you have a much nicer ass than 'the other guy'.


I was curious how David Schwimmer fits in with you and Simon Pegg?? I was thrown off by that. Also I went and saw the movie in support of you and Simon Pegg and really enjoyed it :)
- I live like 2 hours away from LA
it's a gross place full of pretty people.

Ethereal Zoe

It looks like a fab time was had by all. It also looks like Bret (the one who's not Jemaine) has a better butt than I had previously noticed.

The only thing that could have made it more fun is if the Kids In The Hall had shown up. Then you could have had a big Flight of the Kids in the Conchord Hall photo op. Bruce and Dave frolicking with Bret and Jemaine. . . all types of accents. And your glorious self right in the middle of it. Lucky.

Of course, both FotC and KitH are on tour right now, so I guess that'll have to wait til the next movie premiere. Just make sure to take pictures.

me again

I concur that multiple blogs in one day should be encouraged. You could write about what a celebrity eats for breakfast and we'd read it. I mean does it look like we have anything better to do?

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