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April 04, 2008


I'm backstage at the Orange Peel, which is in Asheville, North Carolina. Showalter is on the stage yelling at the audience as usual. He's literally up there, and the quote that's coming out of his mouth right now is, "You fucking dick! Don't tell me what to do!" He's obviously endearing himself to them. Most of Showalter's act these days consists of the audience yelling at him and him responding. Is it funny? To him, yes.

As for me, I'm probably going to go on in about forty minutes. At that time, I will probably talk about my movie bombing, soft serve ice cream, and Christian rock. I might also get into strangers who don't find me funny and I will probably conclude with an old reliable - "A Series of Letters to the First Girl I Ever Fingered."

Last night we were in Covington, Kentucky, which seems to be an appendage of Cincinnati, Ohio. It looked like a nice place, but the biggest laugh I got of the night was when I said that Covington, Kentucky looked like a nice place. Roars. I guess that goes to show what the locals think of their hometown. I asked why they lived there if they hated it so much. They told me they stayed for the booze. That's a good sign. I had to explain to them that they've got booze in other places, too, a concept they didn't quite believe. Nice people. Good people. Drunk people.


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Sounds like a great night. I hope i get to see you and Mr. Michael Showalter soon, i could use a good yelling at

have you ever posted "A Series of Letters to the First Girl I Ever Fingered"??


never mind, a quick google search and my question was answered


Okay, so THAT explains why my brother saw you at a gas station in Lexington, KY. It just didn't make sense until now.

But... you could have flown.


hey MIB i just saw you an MS at the orange peel, heh...hope you guys are doing well tonite


btw it was fucking hilarious


Your set sounds hilarious. Can't wait to hear your view on Christian Rock someday.

NC should be a lot of fun for both of you. Enjoy your night.

Kelly West

Hey I was at your show tonight! The one where Showalter was yellin at us. But it was a great show thanks for coming!


i just saw you guys in Asheville, as well. i'm sorry the audience kept yelling at you guys. it was painful.
your set was amazing, though! i loved it, and have been wanting to see you live for quite some time.
thanks again,


Covington is a huge crack town, Mikey. Especially where you were at. As soon as I left the theater, I saw a man fighting invisible demons. He was tripping balls. You and Mike were amazing though and I hope you come back soon.


You're very analytical lately. Don't get me wrong, I like it. It just makes me feel a little awkward. I think I know what you need, Mister. A good ticklin'! Tickle party! I hope your set went well:)

Creep of a dick dick creep

Seems like Showalter has borrowed heavily from Zach Galifinakis' act. I think you're funny. You remind me of a young Buddy Hackett with all your dick jokes. I also think it's funny how you two mostly draw a large crowd of unfulfilled women. My candor is refreshing.


I have to wonder why people buy tickets to a show, and then shout at the performers all night. I guess because cock fighting and bear baiting are illegal, they have to get their Neanderthal kicks in other ways.


It's because people are attention whores who will do anything to have their moment, Therese. Mix that with alcohol, and you've got a recipe for douchebag.


"...it's funny how you two mostly draw a large crowd of unfulfilled women"

Hey Moe, I resemble that remawk!

And yes Kelsey, some people are fools for any kind of attention from the masses. Negative attention is fine, as long as it's attention. Check out Michaels myspace profile for the latest whack-job.


Holy crap! I MUST hear your views on Christian Rock (again?). Maybe I've heard them before, but I can't remember...

Also, it's funny to me how many people stay in places that they think are shitty "for the booze" or whatever other lame reason they create to convince themselves they aren't wastes of space.

That is why I got the fuck out of Texas.

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