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April 21, 2008

A Small Note Regarding a Previous Post

Because I have the ability to see how people found my site vis a vis a feature that shows what site linked to mine, I often check to see how people are finding me. Normally it's because somebody is interested in me or a project in which I am involved, but once in a while somebody stumbles across my site through Googling peculiar phrases or interests. Today I noticed somebody was Googling this  and was delighted that my web site was the first hit. I love you, Internet.


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Spying on us are you?

But, you can't see IP addresses right? I mean..you would get too many to notice, pretty sure.




that is amazing.


This makes perfect sense, as you are the first person I think of when I am looking for a black porn bub.


Last week someone found my blog by searching "aborted fetuses made into jewelry."

Luckily I had exactly what they were looking for.


Right back at ya.


yeah. my referring url isnt would show you're on my iGoogle. arent you special.

Double gulp

I'm right with you,gulp.


Thank Lawdy I just come straight to your site from the bookmark in my browser...
Of course, now I have to go look up black porn bubs, to find out what they actually are.

some person

I have the same abilities on my site, with the added bonus of knowing exactly where someone logs in from at. Zanzibar, anyone?


Also, I see Forgetting Sarah Marshall is #1 at the box office this weekend (second only to The Forbidden Kingdom). You know what this means? You've got to show dong in your next movie, "Black Porn Bubs".


"Bubs". Funny word. I think it's slang for "breasts", along with being 1940's slang for "dude". As in: "Well it (money) comes in pretty handy down here, Bub."

As far as your mega tracking abilities, Wizard-boy, it's a good thing *I'm* well behaved. Can't speak for the rest of youze.


Now how much are you loving how everyone is squirming here, and trying to justify to themselves and each other, why they hit up this site 3045848934 times a day.

It's to read all the comments, of course...


I LOL'ed at this... hard.


You're right, Therese. To read the comments....of course!




I LOVE seeing what people searched for to find my blog, too:

Lisa LaPorta midget
"the goatee is the new mullet"
dog ate alcohol swab
dog ate caulk
dog ate a part of my crown moulding

Now I know why I don't have a dog....

Black Betty

It always happens. There's people out there on a daily basis constantly probing the net looking for new and interesting things to read about. Of course the core audience that visits your site are those that enjoy what you performed in stemming way back to when you were part of The State and Viva Variety. You guys were awesome in those show. I remember that super friends bit you did. I was still in college and having Popeye's Chicken w/ my flatmates. I think my roommate actually spit out some of his biscuit if memory serves correct.

Question since I'm on the subject, do you have any info on if or when you'll have all of The State on DVD? I'd jump on that opportunity in a heartbeat!

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