March 24, 2008

"Run, Fatboy, Run" Premiere Tonight

Images_2 The big movie premiere is tonight. What a difference from my last movie, "The Pleasure of Your Company," which MGM bought and subsequently fucked up every which way they could (changed the title to the worst title in movie history and broke their contract and lied to my face because they are fucking liars). Picturehouse, the people who are releasing "Fatboy," have done a fantastic job putting this event together and getting the movie into the wide, wide world. I'm not sure how many screens it's going be on, but I think I heard something like 35,000,000, which is a lot, especially when you consider that "Lord of the Rings" opened on 4,000 screens. So that's a big difference. The big question, of course: what am I wearing? I've been agonizing over this decision, and brought five steamer trunks to Los Angeles so I could delay my choice as long as possible. Obviously everybody is expecting me to wear my normal tux/swimming flippers combination, but I've done that to death at all the awards shows, etc, so I think I might try something different. Maybe capri pants, halter top, and "rasta" wig. Maybe ankle monitoring devices and spiderweb tattoo. Many, many questions. As far as the weather goes, lovely day for a film premiere. Sunny skies and temperate temps. The perfect day to sit in a dark room. Everybody is asking: where's the after-party? In my previous post, I mentioned that we are doing it at Dos Burritos, one of the higher end fast food burrito chains in Los Angeles. That was a lie. But I can't say where it is, not only because it's at a VERY EXCLUSIVE HOLLYWOOD NIGHTCLUB, but because I wasn't invited and so I don't know where it is. That's also a lie. It's at someplace called Les Deux, which I am told from my wife's aunt in North Dakota is the "IT" place. How my wife's aunt in North Dakota knows this, I am not sure, but if she knows about it, then I am confident it's going to be amazing. If you've never been to a movie premiere, it's a lot like going to the movies, only the popcorn is free and the director usually gives a speech beforehand, where he thanks everybody. Then, the after-party is where everybody congratulates each other, and instead of free popcorn, it's free drinks and sometimes delicious canapes. Regular readers to this blog know how much I ADORE canapes. Anyway, it should be a fun evening.


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I didn't figure you came up with the Wedding Daze title. Maybe it attracted the Blue Collar Comedy types,though, and they are finally privy to your comedic genious.
The old velour tracksuit/state patrol sunglasses combo should serve you well.Don't forget the chest wig! CONGRATS!


I am absolutely thrilled for you! Not because of the great movie you wrote, the fantastic premiere you're attending, or the much deserved recognition you'll no doubt receive - but because you finally got on the guest list at Les Deux. ;-)

Any chance of a detailed premiere blog tomorrow - with pictures??


I second Susanna's blog recap with pictures request...

I'm sorry MGM fucked you over, but Wedding Daze was fucking awesome, in spite of their shitty title.

And Fatboy is brilliant as well. Having seen both, I'm completely awestruck by your screenwriting (and directing) talents.

Hope the Premier is a blast for yourself and the missus.


LOVED Wedding Daze! Not the title...the movie. Brilliant.

Congrats on tonight.

Here's what I'm going to do in celebration of your movie coming out. (Like you give a flying...) Anyway, my buddy, Bit of Honey, and I plan to have our own Midwest Dried Corn Lady Premiere for Fat Boy. It opens the 28th roundthesepahtsroundchere. We hope to see it at the Hollywood Blvd Theater so we can be all swanky too, in our TJ Maxx brand name clothing at deep discount prices. (I said "deep"). After rocking out with the movie we'll go to our own Pepe Le Pew restaurant in the burbs to pay a hell of price for drinks and to mingle with the elite of Darien, Illinois. Which includes - (drum roll please) Chip Le Fucking Flore.

So HA! Put all that in your Chicken Bub crack pipe! And suuhhhhmmoooooooke it!

(If you want to. You don't have to).

Tom Lewis

Best wishes Michael!

some person

Here are some others with better enlarging capabilities:



Having just read the Washington Post interview, I could have told you about the nipple chafe and saved you the price of that book. You only had to ask, I know a metric shit tonne of almost useless information.


Nice find "Some Person". Such lovely fresh faces. You guys are what, 22? 23?

And that new interview is, in a nutshell, hot.


I'm a MIB virgin, so RUN RUN FATBOY (Excuse my Deslexia)will be my first.

By the way, Reen forgot to mention we are sneaking in the back door of theater and bringing our own treats (Cousin Skeeter's pickled pig snout and Uncle Chester B's Corn Whiskey). Since, Reen is hog tying me (which I'm not so opposed to) and forcing me to see this movie I'd better laugh so hard I toot out shish kebabs. See you at the movies.


Nice pics! Your wife is a natural beauty and you two make a lovely couple.


Congratulations on the premiere! I can't wait to see the movie.

A note about the changed title of "The Pleasure of Your Company." A friend of mine produced a movie a few years ago called "The Bread, My Sweet." When they released it on DVD, though, they made them change the title to "A Wedding for Bella."

Apparently, the word "wedding" makes DVD sales and rentals go way up. According to my friend, this is true, as the sales of her movie have been pretty successful. Perhaps MGM used the same logic when working with your movie.

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