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March 23, 2008

Off to Hollywood!!!

Today my wife and I are flying to Los Angeles for the exciting film premiere of “Run, Fat Boy, Run.” Tomorrow is the gala event, held at the Arclight Theater, which is a big round cinema in the heart of Hollywood. No doubt it will be an extremely glamorous and swanky event. The after party is being held at Dos Burritos, which is a very high-end Mexican fast food outlet. Expected celebrities:

• Me
• The cast of the film including Simon Pegg, Hank Azaria, and Thandie Newton
• Director David Schwimmer
• The original Broadway cast of “Starlight Express,” the rollerskating musical.
• The Travolta family excluding John and wife Kelly Preston
• Members of various reality shows including “Chains of Love,” and “Paradise Island 2.”
• Award-winning Thom McKann shoe salesman Chip LeFlore of Wheeling, Illinois.
• Maybe the guy who played Gunter on “Friends.”
• Possibly one of the Coreys.
• Will Smith (not the movie star, a different one)
• David Wain
• Friends of the guy who was dating Lance Bass
• One or more of the Muppets
• Clients 1-8
• Arena football star John Dutton and cheerleaders from the Georgia Force

Should be an incredible night of “star gazing.”


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$10 if you sit behind Pegg and throw popcorn at his head.


Tee will give you 10.00 to annoy Pegg, and I'll throw in an extra $13.49 IF you do a top model runway prance down the red carpet. A Python silly walk will earn you an additional $4.88. If you and your lovely wife wear matching capes? ANOTHER quick $4.88! Mo' Money! Mo' Money! Mo' Money!

Too? Joan Rivers = Medusa.


This kind of celebrity wattage could burn retinas, so I hope everyone in attendance plans on wearing sunglasses.


I bet Flavor Flav is available for a fee but you may want to hold your wife a little closer if he's around.
It's exciting to see the commercials for it all over the place. Good luck!

Shasta McSassy


Tell the truth (he'll never know): Did you ever (even innocently) make fun of David Schwimmer before meeting him/working with him? But honestly.

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