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March 05, 2008

Here I Am Talking to Rabbits


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I'm the last person on earth to have high speed internet, so could you send me a personal copy on DVD? Thanks in advance;)


I enjoyed every minute of this, even though those british rabbits straight up cut you off.


This feels like Space Ghost, but with bunnies. Zorak is cuter. (But Michael's always funny.)



...what in THE FUCK did I just watch?


I think bunnies would die if they drank coffee...


So serious about the interview with the talking bunnies. Helpful, too. But your "I wish I were anywhere but here" expression gives you away. And made me giggle.

Molly Mary

I would love to know what the phone call was like during which you were asked to appear on a British Bunny talk show.


you're better than this.


you are presented very theatrically


I think Michael is on Spring Break. I can't believe he has a life outside of blogging. What's that all about?

I need more funny.


There there Jaime, I know. We ALL know.

Well Michael? I hope you're proud of yourself over there. You made Jaime cry, you brute!

I do hope you're having fun on vacation, if you're on vacation. If you're not on vacation there is no excuse for the silence. Other than busy. You could be very very busy working or doing the fam stuff. So other than vacation and busy there is no excuse. Except your sick of it. Sick to the rim of writing brilliant blogs to entertain a bunch of horse-faced losers. If the reason is the latter, then all I have to say to that is this - we do NOT have horse-faces!

Hurry back.


I actually do have a horse-face, but Michael, please don't deprive the others on account of my horse-face.


i'm not afraid to say that that was the most disturbing show i've ever seen.

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