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February 01, 2008

Richmond, VA tonight

Michael Showalter and I are in Richmond, Virginia for some hot Southern fried hilarity. It's a beautiful town, although I definitely think it could use some modernizing. Here's some pictures I took driving around town today:


As you can see, it was kind of a gray day, but I think you can still make out the city sites pretty well. The photo on the upper left is where they sell slaves, which was closed today (BIG disappointment), but I'm told if I get there around dawn tomorrow I can see the new shipment brought in. Should be awful, but I'm definitely going to check it out. I'm not going to bid, though, because I think slavery is wrong. Now, I'm not going to lie - if a really good deal comes along, I'll think about it, but how am I going to explain it to my wife if I show up at home on Sunday with a slave? Chances are, she'll make me give me give the slave his or her freedom, which would obviously be the right thing to do, but my wallet wouldn't be too happy about it! As I said, though, I'm almost definitely not going to bid on a slave anyway, so the issue is probably moot.


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Mr. Mochey

You can go to Slave Pit Studios in Richmond and meet Gwar if you're bored and want to smoke crack and stuff.


I thought slaves had a 30-day return policy.


My friend told me you were funny so I decided to check you out. I've read some of your other blogs and they're pretty hilarious, but slavery? Some things just aren't meant to be made fun of. To the woman named Susanna, your comment is DEFINITELY uncalled for.

I wish you all the best.


Yeah, Michael. I mean slavery JUST got abolished like 150 years ago. Too soon.


Have a good show and stuff, as always, but Michael. How come you didn't mention that horse and rider up there on the building so high? Look at THAT!

Looks like they caused quite a freak out with all the old time people.

I'm really wondering if they made the leap to the other building. Did they? Do you know? Let me know ASAP!


To "S.",

My comment was totally called for. Now please go away.

All the best,


I'm feelin' some deja vu! Someone go notify Terry!!!!!!
I love old-time-y places. Did you grow your handlebar mustache and wear your top hat for the event?


I saw the show and I wanted to say to both you and Showalter: well done! I really enjoyed the show, my stomach hurts from laughing today.
Regarding those cows in the front row who kept talking over both of you: thank you for FINALLY letting them know you weren't going to be getting any closer. I only wish Showalter would have shut them down sooner, or a bouncer had tossed them. You have more influence over the management than we do, perhaps you could suggest that to them on behalf of everyone in ear shot of their obnoxious behavior? It was honestly hard to hear you when the one was running her mouth.
Also, Mayor Wilder isn't crazy. He is an arrogant, condescending, power-drunk jackass. I just wanted to clear that up.

Michael Ian Wack


I don't find this piece offensive because of the context.I mean his thing is over-the-top satire. If you're offended by the slavery posting, you should also probably be offended that he's an abusive baby-eating father. With a rainbow machine.

Having said that, would this be funny if it were written by one of those redneck blue-collar comedians? Not so much.

Me again

Oh and Reen- I'm pretty sure that horse is a monument. Those things are all over the south. We're much more proud of our Confederate generals than our ability to raise magical flying horses (we keep that on the down low).



Thank you for the handy information. But I wonder if it's true. I hear stories of Confederate flags flying over State houses and mustard barbeque sauce (to die for!), and sometimes I don't know which end is up.

Anyway, I hope to visit the south soon. And when I do, I'll look you up.

We'll hold hands. And drink Sassafrass. Together.


True story: Apparently the CVS pharmacy in a ghetto part of town is running a special right now on large cotton balls. In honor of Black History month?

Also Tanneken, I think all those things you said about Wilder can also be considered "crazy."


My friends and I were also there and loved it. At one point (and really, it's our fault for enjoying ourselves too much), a group of girls in front of us turned around and said "ummm.. it's really not THAT funny."

Who SAYS that?

Anyway, great show. Sorry your audience sucked.



A friend shot this one. You are really on top of your game here.

AND you look delicious (read: sexy).


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