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February 11, 2008

If I Had a Time Machine

If I had a time machine, I would do amazing things
Like visit Saturn’s wondrous rings
Or travel to a distant star
In my future rocket car.

Perhaps I’d journey to the past
And visit with my old Grampaps.
He’d be young, and I’d be too.
“I’m your grandson, kid – how are you?”

Or maybe I’d go underwater
And swim with Neptune’s only daughter
We’d journey where the waters grant us
To find the city of Atlantis.

What joy!
What fun!
What a jaunt!
To voyage
You want!

Time machines are fun, no doubt
But once you’re in, you can’t get out
All of time’s wrapped in a box
That we call a paradox.

We can’t escape - what’s done is done
And what’s ahead is still to come
But still it’s pleasant just to dream
Of what I would do with a time machine.



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college student


Molly Mary

Sir, you truly have a way with rhyming couplets.


Yeah, yeah, funny blog, sure. More importantly: Your teeth are so straight! I can't take it!


I love random acts of Michael. Bemusing whimsy marked by rhyming reminiscence conjures the chuckles every time.

What a lovely end to a horrid day.


This is like a Dr. Seuss rhyme. I really like it. Is this part of your childrens book?


But I thought Sho was the Poet Laureate...?


Hasn't your daughter written anything new lately?


Time is just a big ball of wibbley wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.

From a non-linear perspective, of course.

Please make all my fandom dreams come true, and audition for Doctor Who.

^^(Unintentional rhyming couplet).


Nice set of choppers ya got there.


My Time Machine would let me go
To a place with a guy that we all know.
With nothing but time and unfettered fun
Hours of cuddling that certain someone.
But reality dictates it is never to be
So I read and I watch him on my tv.
Daydreaming what-ifs and maybes but knowing
It isn't, it won't and it ain't gonna get going.
Pretending is fun but it gets old quick
Better to get on with life as it is and forget that uninterested in me, happily married with kids, polite, sweet, funny, kind, uh... prick*.

* meant with the utmost regard


That reminds me of another hypothetical transportation dream: If I had a bulldozer...


Nice teeth. Your poem is free from tartar as well.

I understood and enjoyed it all except for this, which has me befuddled:

"Time machines are fun, no doubt
But once you’re in, you can’t get out"

Michael J Fox got out of *his* time machine. And don't be thinking all: "Yes, but that action caused a misfortunate reaction - Parkinsons." No telepathic snarking. I'm fragile.


That was great Michael!


This is my favorite of all the blogs. It made me feel happy and sad.


Oh, what an incredibly lame thing I wrote. No delete button on here, so I can say only that I will stick to the generic "good blog" comments from now on. Shiza.


Cute!!!! That was adorable and a little sad. But only for those with loved ones I suppose. Wait, what?

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Nice poem.....

If I had a time machine.. I would turn back time and get what I had to get when i was a kid.


Listen, It's impossible to be all kinds of comic to all people, and it would be foolhardy to try.

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