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February 28, 2008


Mccain_angie_blog_2 I was in the middle of writing a separate blog posting when this news came across the transom. I figured I should get this information out as quickly as I possibly could so that those of us who take our electoral cues from Angie Harmon can finally rest easy.

Like many of you, I was worried that Angie wouldn't make up her mind until September or October, which I think we can all agree, would have been terrible for the country.

I understand that all of the candidates have been calling Angie to receive her endorsement, including Dennis Kucinich, which is weird because he dropped out of the race months ago.

What tipped her toward McCain I do not know, and frankly, I do not care! All I know is that I am now casting my vote for Angie's choice, America's choice, Senator John McCain!


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This gave me the chills.


Hold the phone - Angie Harmon is a former model, under 40 years old AND a republican?? I think I need to sit down and process this news for awhile.


They both have the crazy eyes. Coincidence or conspiracy?

argyle sweater

I have no idea who Angie Harmon is. My bad.

Reneemarie Constant

I think I will wait until Jill Hennessey announces her endorsement.


She does have the crazy eyes. Good call.


Well then, I'm switching alliances.
Barack's celeb endorsements may include Stephen King, sure, but Angie has a lazy eye AND no upper lip. So she knows best.

Hurry up with your blog. Slacker. ;-)


Christ, where's the *real* blog entry? I already knew this from reading Angie Harmon's blog!


Parker, that was funny.

Angie Harmon is the Disney version of what I imagine a fantasy involving Angelina Jolie would be like if you replaced the crazy with cake.


Yes, hurry up. Also a good call.

me again

Someone's been reading the tabloids. Michael Ian Black, he's just like US!

Except that he's funny, and rich, and adored by millions.

Anonymous beyond belief

So happy to see new pics!

I stole a few - including (JesusMaryandJoseph!)...#61.


McCain's too-short-for-his-body arms freak me the hella out.


Those are some nice pics...I think I really like #21. #4 looks a little like you're "taking the Browns to the Super Bowl", ifyaknowwhatImean.


My absolute favorite picture is #053.


So Cam - initially I was thinking the #04 position was more along the lines of "storyteller". But now that you brought me down *that* road, "Pooper Maker" is bunches more fun!

And Zane - 53 is loverly! Good taste.

So, yeah. Anyone around here up for a game of hangman or somethin'? You know...just until the new blog comes up?



I would,but I'm a horrible spellar.


McCain's got a testicle-neck-chin-thing going on.



Procrastination is the enemy of blog-hungry fangirls...

Me again

Hangman? No way, Scrabble is where it's at. I like my word games to be non-violent.


She's married to Jason Sehorn, they both spoke at the Republican National Convention back in 2004. So dreamy!


Me Again, listen. I'll play Scrabble with you if you promise not to use all those dumb weirdo two and three letter words that may be actual words but no person in their right mind uses them. If you're an expert, you know exactly what I'm talking about here. We'd have to use REAL words for REAL people or forget the whole thing.

And Michael - you're putting my toes to sleep. You and your *supposed* blog that you are scribing day in and out. I shall be tricked no more! I shall click here not, until informed via grapevine, that indeed, a new blog is up. Enough of this click-click-clicking only to be visually assaulted by Harmon and McCains mugs.



Now that she's acapnotic, Reen needs some qat to aid her ki awaiting Black's vim.
Look it up.
Can I play?


The funny thing about those words is they're mostly just in the Scrabble dictionary, but not most others. I think Scrabble just makes them up to annoy people.

Still, I love me a well placed "qi" or "za" or "ae." My husband hates me for those devious tricks, as he should, but I'll exchange a little spousal hatred for a crushing victory any day. I am the princess of power.

So, how do you play blog scrabble? That seems hard. How about Screwdriver-in-your-eye-man. It's like hangman, but you draw a stick figure with a screwdriver sticking out of its eye: Miss a letter, draw the shaft. Miss another, draw the handle. Miss another, draw a wicked twisted comedian who tortures his fans with silence. You know? I'd play that!


P.S. Yeah right Reen, like you can stay away any more than the rest of us. Admit it, you've clickety-clicked at least 10 times today, haven't you?!

Am I right? I'm right aren't I? I am. Right? You know you have. Haven't you? You know you have. You know it!!!

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