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January 25, 2008

Transcript of Washington Post Chat

We just finished and had a lovely time, although I didn't realize Showalter was ragging on me until after the fact because we were in separate locations. Had I known I would have ragged back. So, for the record, he's a fat weenie.

Here's the transcript.


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While it was lovely, it was also a little awkward. I mean, I had never done the "group" thing before. Guess I'll see ya tomorrow or I'll call you or whatever...

Jamberg Saivon

I'd call it a fair fight. You were pretty mean about his (lack of) tooth. And don't worry, we all think you are handsome and totally edgy in that "suburban Connecticut" way.

Ps - Don't even lie, Los Angeles LOVES you!


That was heaps of fun!! You guys answered 5 out of the 6 questions I sent in. Which ones were they? Well, there are 2 that are probably obvious, but the others...I'll never tell. ;-)


Reject pile. Let's see it. One of my questions was perfection. And THE ideal lead for you guys to totally plug whatever you wanted to plug, (including your butts), clear a misconception (that Sho has a snaggle tooth for example)solidify an unpopular viewpoint...you name it. What was my masterpiece of a question you ask? Never. Mind. ::hair flip::

I did get to shoot some in there. So did my kooky co-worker. And we laughed and laughed and laughed at both of your responses to everything.

Now I have a rash.



Great Q & A. What a lucky man you are to get served cooter for breakfast, lunch and dinner! After 15 years of marriage, my poor husband only gets it (I assume) when he is traveling at some fancy hotel where they also serve Eggs Benedict.
Well, enjoy your day. Or rather, I am sure you ARE enjoying your day.


Oh, next time you are in my town, be sure to come by for a meal.
; )


I hope you weren't just whistlin' dixie about Stella touring later in the year. Seeing the three of you is on my bucket list.

Ethereal Zoe

I thought the chat was great. Thanks for answering both of my questions.

One day you WILL be County Commissioner. I have faith in you.


I was cracking up over Showalter's very insightful Runway commentary. Can I be his BFF too?


Awww I missed it. I was going to ask if you've ever had sex with a ghost and how that turned out for ya. Ah well there's always next time.

P.S.- I'm fairly certain you've "supermanned a ho". You should be more careful about who you send your amateur videos to...

college student

sad. my question remains unanswered. i swear it wasn't lame!


I see Belgium is now officially more important than the UK when it comes to questions that merit an answer.


You guys are always joking. That's good.

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