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January 22, 2008

To All My Jessica Suarez's

I spoke with DCist blogger Jessica Suarez today, and when our interview was done she taught me how to place images into my blog in such a way that they don't look terrible, which is a problem I've been wrestling with for months. To thank her, I wanted to put her picture up, but when I Googled "Jessica Suarez," I got over four thousand hits. I would not have thought so many people with the surname "Suarez" would have thought to name their daughter "Jessica." I wouldn't have thought that at all. With so many Jessica Suarez's to choose from, I had to narrow my favorites down to three. It's possible - nay, likely - that none of these are MY Jessica Suarez. If not, I apologize. But not really.


There's a lot to like about this particular Jessica Suarez, although she looks more Suarez than Jessica to me. But I like that she's at a lectern, and if you look closely, you will notice the other thing I really like about this Jessica Suarez - she has braces. In my imagination, Jessica is at church singing along to a karaoke version of some song by the Christian alt. rock band Jars of Clay. Photography note: the fern behind her is almost like a halo. Beautiful.


More Jessica than Suarez, this Jessica Suarez is also wonderful. She's got style, she's got motion, and she's got red dancin' shoes that don't really go with her dress. I like a Jessica Suarez that isn't afraid toget her groove on. She came here to party and she's not going to let anybody stop her. Note that nobody else is really dancing, except for the girl in the brown dress with her arms up, and I suspect she's not really dancing so much as just airing out her pits. No, my girl is the only one fully busting a move. From her expression, it's a little hard to tell if she's having a good time or not. She might be ready to smile, she might trying not to pinch a loaf. Hard to tell. Wardrobe note: the girl behind Jessica Suarez looks like her dress was patterned after the early 80's video game "Breakout." Marvelous. 


The perfect blend of Jessica and Suarez, this is my favorite Jessica Suarez of the bunch. No, she's not singing. No, she's not dancing. She's just being Jessica Suarez. And that's what I love about her. I love that she's a little shy in front of the camera, a little scared to let her hair down. Why? Maybe she's been hurt in the past. Or maybe her body ends just out of frame. I don't know. But it's precisely that enigmatic quality that draws the eye, no? She's my Mona Lisa. What are you thinking, Jessica Suarez? What secrets do you hold? What secret key unlocks your heart? I like to think this is Jessica Suarez's passport photo. Where is she going? That's easy. She just bought a one way ticket into my arms. Wonderful.

Thank you to all the Jessica Suarez's who helped make this day possible. Your gift to me, I hope, is repaid in full.


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I hope you and Sho are coming to Lawrence, KS, sir.

Jessica Suarez

Oh, wow. Never stop doing this - googling images and spinning delightful, funny tales.

Here's hoping that when your new book comes out you put in a section of romantic poems. Poems that are neither radical nor feminist.

You know you want to. (You know we want you to, too)


tee hee..."Jessica Suarez".

"Anonymous" posting.

I'm so sneaky. I'm SO sneaky.


Renee, wouldn't that be oh so sweet?

Michael, I suggest a perfect ode to some random being,
all flowery and precious, that I can own as mine when I need a little pick-me-up.
(Read this as urgent.)

Your Mom

Reen, Are you making fun of me? Because I think you're making fun of me.

Mib, I vote for Jessica #2. She's got sass.


I wonder if Jessica #2 could just click those ruby red slippers 3 times and also get a one ticket to your arms...


One WAY ticket to your arms...

Sorry, I guess I got distracted.

It's late. I'm stoned.


So, girls with braces conjures up impressions of innocence,eh? Well, I'll have you know I once shot a man just to watch hime die(okay, it was a Nerf(TM) gun but I DID scratch his cornea and it WAS pretty touch-and-go there for a while).

I love Breakout.


It's like your own private Blind Date show in here... contestant number 3!


"Your Mom", I am most certainly not making fun of you. Are you making fun of me? Because there is no way you could be *My* Mom. Not only is she sleeping with the angels, but she would never be up at 12:50am typing on the internet. You see how it is then? We're all dust in the wind...


I know a Jessica Suarez. She is none pictured, but a very good Jessica Suarez indeed. Pictures upon request.

Jessica Suarez

You totally missed this Jessica Suarez ;-) Go Girls..Didnt realize there were so many of us lol.

jessica suarez

LoLs... i'm really amazed on how you describe each of the picture. it completely makes sense. your looking beyond the picture and i agree in every comment you have. however, im still wondering what comes into your mind if you heard a name jessica or suarez? what kind of person would she be with just that name? I myself is jessica suarez... so im curious what people may think about that name... hmMmmm????

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I don't know Jessica Suarez, but at least it is nice that they are trying too hard to mimic her.

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