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January 21, 2008

Happy MLK Day, Everybody

Martin2_luther_release_2 Happy MLK Day everybody. Man, do I love the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Every American should. He's our Gandhi. Except he got more tail than Gandhi. And he dressed better. Gandhi was a great man, no doubt, but he could have used a little help in the wardrobe department. MLK always looked good.

Why aren't there any more like him? In the same decade, we had JFK, RFK, MLK - young men, great men. What happened? Maybe today's great young men are keeping their mouths shut so they don't get shot. I can't say I blame them. Maybe greatness isn't worth getting popped.

There are a couple holidays I take seriously: Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, MLK Day. What do I do to observe today's holiday? For one thing, my wife are going to Trader Joe's later to get some groceries. But I also think it's worth taking a moment to think about a guy willing to trade his life for justice, and to use non-violence as the means of achieving his goals. 

I'm going to take a page from MLK's book and pledge that from this day forward, I am going to use non-violence to achieve MY goals. What are my goals? First: get some Taco Bell. I'm going to do it non-violently. Even if somebody cuts in line. Even if they are out of Dr. Pepper. Second goal: take a nap. Third goal: surf the web.

My goals are admittedly more humble than achieving racial equality for millions of Americans, but does that mean they are any less important? Yes. Yes they are. But I really do love peace and Taco Bell.

Happy MLK Day, everybody.


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Anna Rushford

And he didn't beat his wife.


You would like Dr. Pepper. You non-conformist,you.


Cherry Pepsi Drinker


Hippie. Beatnik. Tree hugger. Bleeding heart Liberal.

I adore you.


Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Snaps. Perfect for after Taco Bell and before a nap. I speak from experience (yesterday's, to be exact).
And, like MLK, I had a dream. Not gonna tell ya what it was about, though, you might blush.


I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation - eating Taco Bell and then taking a nap.


I heard you on Breuer Unleashed last week, wow, you're a total dick. You're that stereotypical asshole comic. Get some therapy or a fucking clue.


And look at all these great people you have to practice your non-violent methods on, you Ghandi-ish MLK-like Taco Bell lover you. Just hug Jimmy, Carlos, Stephanie, and Tony all to bits. They are so lucky to have you dear.


I love Barack Obama!


How about an MIB day?

And how lovely it is that the humour-bypass patients have finally found your blog.


Nice added pic.
I noticed that your movie was in the Target ad. Nice publicity!

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