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January 02, 2008

Fair Game

If you're looking for stimulating talk from atheist Sam Harris, actor Andre Royo, and Blitzen Trapper singer Eric Early - feel free to check out me guest hosting "Fair Game" tonight. Tomorrow: Producer Phil Ramone and new band Bell.

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that's great, can't wait to listen!


Great job Michael. Excellent questions.

More thoughts because I'm a blabber mouth:

*The Sam Harris interview was especially interesting. All those big words flying around. Good times with a tough subject.

*Andre' Royo is simply adorable.

*Didn't care for the Blitzen Trapper track - too off beat/rhythm to be enjoyable. But Eric Early is clearly talented (and heavily influenced by Bob Dylan and Neil Young, imo), tee hee.

Anyway, you sounded knowledgable, friendly, and relaxed, which brought out the best in your guests.


Always a pleasure to listen to you on this show.


You are SO skilled at doing radio, I really wish you had your own show! It's aurally delightful!!

I especially commend you for dealing with guests who have little to no sense of humor.


Also, the following phrase made me laugh outloud for several minutes: "Yeah, but nobody was killing Al Jolson."

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