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January 22, 2008

Chat Live With Me & Michael Showalter

On Friday, January 25th @ 1:00 EST, The Washington Post will be hosting a live chat with Michael Showalter and myself. You can ask us anything! (Off-limits topics: politics, religion, show biz, food, horoscopes, music, herpes) For more information, click here.


                  (Pictured: Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter)



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Love the picture!


1pm Friday - Yeeaaaah right. Like you guys would ever take one of *our* comments asking personal questions about drug use, preferred hotels, jawline measurements, etc., etc.


If I can't ask you about food or herpes, then what's the point?


Damn. 1pm ET? I have a homeopath appointment that just can't be postponed. Boooooo. :(


Looks like I'm one of the few available at that time. Too bad I shy away from making an ass out of myself via telephone. Written word, no problem.


oooh....by "live chat" they mean online. Here I was thinking I needed to get out and buy a new phone cord to replace the one my cat chewed through. Get with the times, Camille, get with the times.


(singing) I sent a questionm, I sent a question.

And later I shall send lots, lots more. With different towns, different states, all still me. In fact, every few questions you guys get will still be me. That's not TOO weird or disappointing is it? Cuz *I* think it's gonna be GREEAAATTT!


I sent a query as well. Please,please ignore it as it was based on a stupid song that has infiltrated my head.

Sassy Massy

I didn't know that you two exposed the Watergate scandal. Good job, you guys.


Will you be doing any shows in Chicag?

Rain Man

I think you're more of a Robert Redford than a Dustin Hoffman. Showalter reminds me of Hoffman for these reasons:
3)ability to look retarded

This picture must have been taken during your blonde phase.


And another thing. You're just lucky I didn't dust off my "Ungame" and send questions off *those* cards. Christian version too! Look out!

(Truth told, I only sent in 3 questions. And none of them using my home town. If you get a question from a person who supposedly lives in a small town in IL - blow it off. Figure on it being that "sneaky random person" here on your blog. Impersonating me. And worse? Trying to get me grounded.)

Ok. The blabbering must cease. Of this thread, I shall take my leave.


Impersonating you? Don't put ideas in my head.


Ok, that was funny, fake impersonator.

Pooh-Pooh face.

Tis true, I'm stimulated by "mystery", even in it's most basic form: ("What is IN that little can? ::crank crank crank:: PEAS!") you really shouldn't take advantage of my naive good nature like that. Nor my blonde ambition. (Whatever the f*** that means).

Ruse. I shall call you: Ruse.

You're my only true friend.

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