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December 20, 2007

Nature Walk

I'm going to go on a nature walk with my wife this morning. We love to get up early and stroll through the woods behind our house. It's great for us and it gives us a chance to see all the woodland creatures: squirrels, bears, deer, fox, moose, elk, and chickens. Plus it's just a fantastic way for us to get reacquainted. With my busy schedule and her habit of sleeping eighteen hours a day, we seldom have a chance to just talk. Of course, when I say "talk," I mean "argue." And when I say "argue," I mean "accuse each other of treachery." It's great.

The other great thing about our walks is that it gives me an opportunity to practice my bowhunting. I think people like Ted Nugent have given bowhunting a bad name. It's not JUST about killing game for meat. It's also about trying to kill fish, trying to kill trees, and shooting at cars. Mine is a Reflex Growler Bow, which features a TEC riser and parallel split-limb technology. That may not mean much to you, but to mean it means death and destruction (the good kind).

My wife does not approve of bowhunting. She thinks it's barbaric, but I tell her that just because she kills her game with a samurai sword doesn't make her any more humane. But she's into "ritual killing," and because she is one half Norwegian, she feels like the samurai sword honors her heritage. Whatever.

Anyway, I should probably strap on my snowshoes and zip myself into my snowsuit. We're about to go out for a walk. There's a pretty good chance that only one of us will make it home.


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Good luck.


Norwegian Samurai always get my respect.


Oh Michael, don't you see? EVERY kind of death and destruction is 'the good kind.'

Enjoy the nature walk, be safe, and happy holidays!!


Allow me. It's a stretch, but...if I were a Norwegian woman who wanted to kill her husband...what's the one thing that would distract me from following through with the deed?

(You already know the answer).


I see where you're going with this.
If I was to take one of these "walks", I would think that the bunchiness of the snowsuit would greatly decrease the accuracy of my aim,resulting in the return of both us. Not good. Especially since I already spent his Christmas gift money on a case of ribbon candy. I'll have to think of something else now. Got any other big ideas?


Be careful - the frost sometimes makes the blade stick.


How early is "morning?" I just really need this particular mise-en-scene information to be able to piece together this story properly.


Do you take Christmas vacation even though you're a Jew?

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