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December 29, 2007

I'm in Minnesota

Which is similar to being in Canada, but better. Nobody here pretends it's cool to be in Minnesota the way they do in Canada. In Canada, there's definitely an inferiority complex going on, where people feel the need to flaunt their Canadaness to over compensate for the fact that they live in a third world country. Not here. In Minnesota, they're satisfied to be where they are, but nobody's jumping up and down about it. There aren't tons of Minnesota gift shops everywhere or Minnesota pride parades or anything like that. They keep whatever pride they have close to the breast. Which is okay with me because they have a great rack.
As in Canada, people here like hockey, but unlike Canada they don't have it on every television set. In Canada, they have hockey games on at the library. At the library here, they have sausage tastings. Much better.

Tomorrow I'm going out on the icehouse. I've never been in an icehouse before, but I'm told it's a very popular activity. Basically what they do is, every winter all the citizens get together and build ghettos on a lake. They stay in their shanties drinking beer and trying not to freeze to death. It's like going to the worst slum in Rio de Janeiro and then adding deadly cold. Should be a good time! So we're going to do that for a few hours and then I suppose we'll head inside and talk about what we did in the shack. I don't know if they have that sort of thing in Canada or not, but I bet they do because whatever we have they have, only worse. Except that I can't really imagine it being any worse.


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Hmm...sparrow-sized mosquitoes in the summer or gettin' your freak on at a shanty party in the winter?
Good choice, my friend....good choice.


So I'm guessing that Canadian Ambassador job didn't work out for you, eh?


Are you wearing a knitted sweater? Are you eating Julekake?

Enough of that. Word of caution.

Minnesota-ins - (this is in my dictionary now) "hearty giant people with Fargo-esque accents. Clannish, loyal, hard working, and perceptive, Minnesota-ins have little to no tolerance for fancy (very famous)celebrities".

Skip the shanty invite.


enjoy your shanty time, enjoy the lutefisk, enjoy


You're really selling me on the cultural variations of the United States.


You forgot to mention the point that you are standing on top of about 1 foot of ice with a hole through it! ^_^


Canadian Cycle

Sounds indeed interesting. Please, write more about that: how it began this , how they actually build those icehouses, how's the atmosphere during all this time. I'm sure that after they get together, they tell a lot of stories, right? News stories? Detective stories? Horror stories?

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