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December 02, 2007


I'm home for one day before heading back out to Vancouver. Last night Sho and I did a big show at the Fillmore (formerly Irving Plaza) in New York. A very good show, featuring an appearance by the Doilies, Showalter and Zack Orth's musical comedy duo.

Tomorrow, as I said, I'm going back to Vancouver for about a week, and then back home. All this travel has me very tired. Last night, for example, I slept for six years. How is it possible that I slept for six years in a single night? I know. It's a weird one.

Maybe you're wondering why I haven't been posting so much. The truth is, I've been writing a bunch of State sketches, and I just don't have time to meet all my familial and professional obligations AND write both State sketches and blog postings. So the blog postings have been suffering.

To give you a idea of the kind of thing I've been writing for the State: Showalter and I wrote a piece called "Famous American Male Authors Slow Dancing With Each Other." Needless to say, it definitely features a moment where Mark Twain cups Ernest Hemingway's buttocks.


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I'm glad you are busy and not just sick of posting here.
Enjoy the sunny beaches and coconut rum punch that Vancouver is so famous for.


Canada again? Now I think you're just avoiding the draft.

Kowing you're writing creative State sketches makes the wait tolerable. Yes, dahling, even forgivable.


Vancouver, eh? You are mighty far from home, sir. Glad to hear that you're still feverishly writing, even if it's not for our enjoyment (yet).

Michael Ian Sack

You are such a tease.

Ethereal Zoe

May I suggest a tango between Norman Mailer and Hunter S. Thompson? You know you want to.


"it definitely features a moment where Mark Twain cups Ernest Hemingway's buttocks."

Hahaha, I cannot wait to see this!


Everything is forgivable in lieu of State sketches. Especially ones involving male/male butt cupping.

It is entirely possible to sleep for 6 years in one night if you're on the right meds. Trust me.

Have a fine time in Canada!


Aww, you don't have to justify your lack of posting. Unless you were in Vancouver for the first Spice Girls reunion concert...


Rush Limbough and Al Franken? (they're authors, right?)

I'm looking forward to your future work,sir.


Great to see you posting and great to hear about your writing. Attempt to stay warm and dry.


eee! state sketches give me much glee.

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