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December 16, 2007


In Baltimore tonight. Somebody wrote to me saying that they had watched "The Wire" on TV and were a little concerned that they might get killed if they came to the show. I honestly could not promise them that would not be the case. In fact I suspect that there's a very good chance somebody will get killed tonight - with laughter. And bullets.

Showalter and I took the train down from the New York city region. The train is a great way to travel, especially if you take the Orient Express, which is what we took. Mahogany wood paneling, porcelain flatware, crystal glasses, just beautiful. Sharing our car with us was a dowager, a mad scientist, an heiress, an aging tycoon, and a butler. Needless to say, there was a murder. After much confusion and several red herrings, I managed to solve the crime. It was Showalter. I didn't tell anybody, though, because I didn't want to have to do extra time at the show tonight.


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Showalter - of course!

Oh, and since I had to look up the word "dowager" in the dictionary, I plan on randomly fitting this word into several conversations this week.


How's Peter Ustinov doing?


I bet you look good in spats and that well waxed mustache.


Poppycock....Poppycock,I say!




Hey! While listening to your recent interview with Andre, I thought you had mentioned "The Wire" before. Here it is!

It's always intriguing when, unknowningly, you are predicting the future. The weaving of words with real life experiences. Intertwining the two.

(Probably happens to Wizards like you all the time).

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