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November 08, 2007

Still On Strike

As the Writer's Guild strike enters its fourth day, things are starting to get a little tenuous. Not with the union, which seems resolved, but with me, who went out and (foolishly) bought a metallic gray 2006 Aston Martin Vantage. This was such a stupid purchase for so many reasons.

1. I do not need a new car.

2. Even if I did need a new car, an Aston Martin is WAY out of my price range, even a used Aston Martin.

3. The money I used to pay for it came out of my kids' college funds.

4. I had to take a HUGE penalty to withdraw the money from my kids' college funds.

5. The car is a stick shift, which I do not know how to drive.

So why did I do it? Honestly, it was an impulse buy. I was heading out to the grocery store, coupons in hand, when I accidentally turned into the Aston Martin dealership and told them to give me whatever was available now. So stupid.

When I got home, my wife was furious. Not only because of all the above reasons, but because I never made it to the grocery store. It's just as well, as (in addition to my kids' college funds) I completely tapped our savings account and credit cards to pay for the car, so even if I had gone to the grocery store, how was I going to pay for the groceries??? She didn't even think of that.

I hope they get this writer's strike resolved soon.


(This is what the car looks like. Gorgeous, but I never should have bought it.)


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You're shortlisted as the first American to play James Bond, right?


If you had held out for a 2008 Aston Martin Rapide, you could have gotten away with calling it a "family car".

As it is, you are just asking to get dream-fucked by anyone who sees you in it. Or imagines seeing you in it.

No fair telling this tease of a tale, true or not.

Please, may I push your start button?


Here we go again, men and their cars...

I bet the sound system on that baby would be pretty damned awesome though. So awesome that it would cease to be background music. The only thing missing would be a pole for you to dance on.


oooh....shiny.....just like your personality:)


It's not as good as a Bentley, but it'll still get you from point A to point B in supreme style.

P.S. How many cars should a Gentleman of Means own?

Sue Yeato

omg, you are the coolest funny dude THAT I KNOW.

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