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November 20, 2007

New Show Added

Baltimore, you are getting your chance. A lot of people would have gone to DC instead, but not us. DC is the home of hypocrites and Fugazi. Baltimore, you are home to "The Wire" and Cal Ripken. On my mother's birthday, December 16th, we will be once again rocking the Ottobar with merriment. Please join us for laughs.


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some person

Senator Martin will be happy you're taking this thing back to Baltimore.


I'm going to pretend that instead of "Baltimore"you wrote, "Kansas City".

Woohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Yessssssssssss!


my first day back in america! i should go...


Oh, Baltimore! I spent 16 hours in their airport. It really, really sucked! :) I'm sure Baltimore is a nice city though. Just know that if you get stuck overnight, they do have a Burger King that is open 24 hours. Have a great show...lucky Baltimorians. I already got to see you in Portland, OR, so I won't be bugging you about coming to my town (until next year...) ;) Happy Holidays & Happy Birthday to your mom on Dec 16th...are you gonna put her on the guest list for your show? :)

Hey! My favorite commercial with you is on! (The Holiday Hawk one). xoxo

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