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November 09, 2007

In Three Minutes...

I'm going to put my kids to bed. Then it's party time! Once the kids are in bed, the wife and I have a little ritual. First we draw a nice, hot bath. Then we drip some in lavender scent, some bath salts, and light some candles. Then we throw the dog in there. Why we do this, I don't know. The dog isn't particularly dirty, especially since we do this every night, but it's like a lot of things in our marriage; it just becomes habit. Then it's a whole process of shampooing the dog, getting dog out of the tub, drying the dog, etc. etc. Are there better uses for our time together other than giving the dog a bath night after night? No doubt, but what? We tried doing the whole "sex" thing, but honestly, after about twenty minutes or so, I came, and after that, I lost pretty much all interest in it. I'd like to say it's going to be a great night, but it's not. Not at all.


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You could give each other the Mary Kaye satin hands treatment. And by hand treatment,I mean...well, exfoliating and moisturizing:/


That is one clean dog.

P.S. Twenty minutes, huh? :-0


Never underestimate the advantages of a clean-smelling dog.


Oh my, this is serious. You are in desperate need of a dog groomer.

Groomers don't usually work alone, for obvious reasons, (Pit bulls), so be prepared for two, initially.

A thorough grooming takes much longer than your 20 minute romp, so forget trying to sneak that in. (Later, when the dog is napping).

See your Yellow Pages, Blue Pages, or whatever color they are out East.

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