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November 16, 2007

If You Have Any Interest...

In knowing how I've been spending about 80% of my time over the last few days, click here. Hint: It's so much lamer than you probably think. 


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Oh honey, I can imagine, and have even participated in, much lamer pastimes than that.

p.s. I crashed straight away. I have zero hand/eye co-ordination.


Wow, I was having way to much fun with that. Thanks for contributing to me getting fired from my job.


Thanks for that. I suck at it.
You would like my favorite game on Webkinz. It is a scrabble-type word game that you play by yourself, using the letters provided in a cube formation and making the longest word possible and ending the word with the center letter for the most points. I am also obsessed with Cash Cow 2 (a Tetris type game). For some reason, I am frozen out today, site not working when I log in.


You need to buy a fluffy little toy at Hallmark to get the code to get into the site, but my kids like playing on it, they get to buy stuff for their pets' rooms, feed and care for them, etc. You could score big Daddy points by getting enough kinzcash to buy your daughter a Webkinz trampoline and swimming pool for her pets' yard. Just a thought.


Ha! My husband sneaks onto my daughter's(Webkinz) account to get her more points,then my son notices and gets pissed. So much easier than using words to tell him that she's his favorite.

For some reason, I see you with the pink poodle webkinz.


Damnit Michael! You knew I was going to crash within 3 seconds the first 50 times didn't you!!


Wow. Really good procrastination tool. I never wanted to write those essays anyways.


P.S. What's your best score?


That's fun. I scored over 2000.


Real helicopters don't crash when they hit walls. This is bogus. But maybe I'm just distracted by the 'I love the 90s' marathon. ;)

Try this one:

(It's more manly to drop kick someone.)


I feel like that Sisyphus guy who had to roll the boulder up the hill for eternity. This game has no end!


43 seconds. That's it.


OMG. I may hate you, and I only found your blog two minutes ago.


My best score is still only 722. And now I can't stop because I have an intense need to prove to myself that I can do better. Damn you, Michael Ian Black.


wow, I suck at that. Thanks for the awesome show in Madison- hope you enjoyed the brownies!


If you have some free time from The Helicopter Game (1216 for me biznatch) try out this shit.


It's not lame... It's sweet.


YES. I got 1330. I think I've spent three hours playing to get that score though. I'm attempting to write an essay on Columbus (I'm a senior in high school and we're still writing essays on Columbus), so I write one sentence and play ten helicoptor games, write one sentence, play ten helicoptor games, ad nauseam.

Molly Mary

So I just recently broke my addiction to that game. Thanks for kick-starting it back up.

Molly Mary

So I just recently broke my addiction to that game. Thanks for kick-starting it back up.

Molly Mary

So I just recently broke my addiction to that game. Thanks for kick-starting it back up.


came here feeling pretty good about myself... really i did... after 30 seconds and 6 feeble attempts; not so much... never knew i could suck so bad at something so simple...

be seeing you thursday night! i won't be bringing snacks


Waaayyyy addictive...but only after I figured out the difference between the left mouse button & the right mouse button. It probably doesn't need to be said, but I am blonde.


This game IS addictive!


I couldn't reply to your recent blog, posted 12am on the 30th, and there are errors when trying to reply. ??????Some pretty tricky mis-information too. Vancouver? My sister and her room mate just saw you in Mass! LOL LOL!

Your friend,


David Wain posted this one a looong time ago...

Go ahead. Get addicted!


Might help if I posted the link.

I suck...here it is.



It's more addicting than Heroin.

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