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November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because there's no stupid songs, no presents, no mythical characters (except for Indians), no television specials, nothing except friends and family and absurd amounts of food. I also like that it's a holiday specifically designed to give thanks for what is important to us in our lives. For me, that means poker, unicorns, frozen waffles, Taco Bell, friends, family, and all of you.

Have a great Thanksgiving. And if you must drink and drive, try to drive as fast as you can to get yourself off the road as quickly as possible.


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happy thanksgiving MIB!


I'll just stand in front and speak for everyone here (ballsy!) by saying we're thankful for YOU, too.

You've shared yourself, your gifts, with so many. And there's no price for geniune laughter, happiness, and joy - something you deliver on a consistent basis, freely. So thank you. Just for being you.


I am thankful for your blogs,for they entertain and keep me giggly. Also, Immodium.


I am incredibly thankful for this website. And frozen waffles.


its kind of sad that someone probably really will drive extra fast while drunk in hopes of making good time


I'm incredibly thankful for the total stroke of serendipitous luck that ensured that while channel hopping back in 2002, I saw 'Ed: Pilot' and thought "Hmm, I wonder what that's about?".

The ensuing five years have been a comedy blast. So thank YOU, kind Sir.

Michael Ian Sack

oh, I got it. Hillary.


Michael Ian Sack? Meaning...ballsy? That's good. Very good.


Of course I'm too curious and click on "Mr. Sacks" name/link and where does it take you? To a porn site that hunts for "MILF's".


It must not be updated,cause we're not on there,Renee. Teehee...(um,not that I looked)


im thankful for puppies, love, and black tar heroin. keeps me thin.

michele M

we were talking about you in my house the other day. didnt want to send you another note and be all "stalkerish". Diner B booked another film and they only let him in the door because he had yours on his res. we really will never forget you for that! He also has a 6 year contract as a lead on an animated . The weird part is, I dont know if you remember the monkey he carries around. he's always carried a monkey. now he is one. would love to send your kids some dvds if its a show they watch. Have a beautiful new year. MM and RM


Is the lack of posting because you ran ou of Sierra Mist or coke (not the beverage, Coke)?


Turkey coma. Fight, Michael, fight!!!!

Michael Ian Sack

Perhaps he has begun hibernation.


I'm thankful for the dream I had about you on Thanksgiving Eve. Taking a fully-clothed shower with you was glorious - even if it was only a dream...or was it???


I think there is a Canadian conspiracy to disable comments on your Canadian blog.Either that, or I'm more computer illiterate than I thought.


there is a thanksgiving song its called the thanksgiving song by adam sandler.

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