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November 06, 2007

Fair Game

If you're interested in hearing me talk to an Iran expert, a Seattle singer/songwriter, and a terrific actor named Michael Pena, click here.

If you're interested in hearing me talk about terrorism, Satan, and bumper stickers, buy my album.

If you just want a hug, I'll be right over.


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Aww, I've already done the first two, a hug would be nice.


Part way through Fair Game, your album's on my iPod, now you need to organise that plane ticket...


A hug would be nice.


I like your NPR style, Mr. Smarty Pants! You're a natural. Second time, right? Or have there been more. If so..linkydink us. I like listening to smart people, although many times I'm left with an overwhelmingly "less than" (or is it "then"? See?) feeling. Don't worry, don't worry, its a necessary hurt. Much like working out. No pain no gain. And all that.


I need a hug.


Final thoughts then I shall take my leave:

Sho on the next Fair Game! Can't wait!

Michael Pena and you - simpatico!

And lastly, YOU know who Pete Best is? He of that "over-rated band"?


I'll just sit back and wait for that hug.


Don't offer things you can't deliver. You break my heart.


is it a sloppy hug???


I just heard that Michael Peña interview, and I'm left a bit confused. There was a lot of laughing, sure, but was that the exchange of hostile barbs I detected? I couldn't tell if he decided you were some typical, out-of-touch hack who needed to be taken down a few notches or if that's just his conversational style.

Anyway, he's a scientologist, so whatever. Seriously, whatever. That's what it's like.

I've been listening to Fair Game since the beginning, and even though Faith Salie is a delightful pixie of whom one can never tire, it's always a pleasant surprise to find Michael Ian Black playing guest host. You're doing an exceedingly adequate job, sir, and I salute you.


Group hug? My husband would want one too, not that he's gay. Now I'm going to ask him to download it to the IPod so that we can play, "Guess the terrorist" at the airport at the start of our honeymoon (belated). I'm hoping to join a Rock Nazi Party while we're in Germany!! Why didn't Rick Steves let us know this would be better than the Christmas markets?

chris flannery

... David "Swain" is doing David Swain stuff.

I just caught that.

jimmy corrigan

dug it. bravo, michael!

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