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November 15, 2007


Last night Showalter and I played at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio. Before the show, I was offered a couple of muscle relaxants, because I was in tremendous pain. So I took them.

(I should probably clarify that when I say "tremendous pain," there was absolutely nothing wrong with me and I was not experiencing any pain whatsoever. I just wanted to take muscle relaxants.)

I was curious to see what they would do to me. As it turns out, not much, except kind of mellow me out.

"Mellow" is kind of a perfect word. I like words that sound like what they mean. It's not quite onomatopoeia, but it's close. Melllllllow. Visions of lava lamps and beanbag chairs. It's just a great word.

The show was pretty good. An appreciative crowd. I did spend probably more time than I should have talking about pre-cum, and the various materials that would be preferable to sperm that should come out of your dick when you ejaculate.

I also brought a woman onto the stage who turned out to be the world's biggest, and possibly only, A-ha fan. If you remember, A-ha was the Norwegian band from the 80s who had a huge hit with "Take On Me." I interviewed her about that. Turns out she's also a second degree black belt in karate. Her name was Holly, and later that night, I regretted not calling her "A-Holly."

But that's what happens. Live and learn.



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...I kind of like A-Ha...

Bailey Petersen

Yea that weirdo was standing by me before the show so my friends and I talked about really uncomfortable/disgusting things so that she would go away but she just kept starring at us. I was waiting for a shotgun to come flying out from those candy cane pants she was wearing.


I was listening to A-Ha just this week. Twice. I'm weird.


I ate a pot pie for lunch.


I told her I was homeless. She didn't believe me. I don't think Holly is homeless. I like homeless people, though.


Oh, by the way Mr. Black, it would be nice of you and Mr. Showalter to join us in Cleveland again, soon.

It's really not a craphole! I swear!


You can never spend too much time talking about pre-cum. It's not possible.


My husband has every album A-Ha ever made, including the new ones. I bet they could even make pre-cum sound lovely.


Is that "C" at the bottom of your blog the grade you gave Cleveland?

"Doo do do do do DOO DOO do do do do do DOO DOO DOO do do DOO DOO" I used to get told I looked like that chick from that funky A-HA cartoon. Fuck a duck. She of the big schnoz and squinty ass eyes.

I think Holly is on my friends list somewhere. Even if she does wear candy cane pants, I'm all up for reading her "take" (...ON ME...)on your "Sho".


Hi MIB! It's Holly from Cleveland in the stripped pants! They posted the footage on MySpace of you and me at the Grog Shop. You're a big hit on the a-ha fan forums now! And yes, there is more than one of me out there. Ha ha ha ...


This takes me back to the special moments in Cleveland ...


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