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November 15, 2007

Cleveland Aiport

In case you're wondering what it looks to check-in at the Cleveland airport, it pretty much looks like this:


And then this is what Showalter looks like waiting to check in at the Cleveland airport.


Please note that they have a Starbucks at the Cleveland airport where you can hang out before checking in. Especially helpful if you are four hours early for a flight, as we are. Please also note that Showalter looks retarded in this picture. (Click on it to really get the full-on retard effect)


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Is it just me or does it look like Sho shaved off half an eyebrow? I guess you were just that bored at the airport.


I was going to say that you both looked cute till I read the click on the picture part, and you are right , Sho does look convincingly retarded. (Sorry! But perhaps a potential audition photo for "I am Sam -2 ?)
You look perfect. Oh, those Lucky Starbucks airport hang-a-rounders, able to gawk freely, wish I was there.
Thanks for the photos.


"Retarded" is a little harsh,isn't it? Developmentally delayed.That's just bit-ter Starbucks coffee face.


Okay, I clicked on the pic. Take back what I said,you were right. Awww...Sho, you can be in my special ed. class anytime, front rowcenter. ;)

And Black, are you wearing a puffy vest?


ah yes isn't the Cleveland airport so much fun? I can tell by the looks on your faces that your having the time of your lives...enjoy the next three hours of people watching..its golden.


yeah, bailey's right. the types of mouthbreathers that populate that airport are pretty much otherworldly. maybe you'll see a-ha's biggest fan (and only).


P.S. Just be happy that your not sitting in the Akron airport right now. You wouldn't have looks of boredom so much as looks of terror. You guys were great last night I cant remember the last time I laughed that hard. keep it up!


I believe the proper description of this picture is "Shotarded". (love ya, Sho! :-) )


Less 'retarded,' more 'a-dork-able.'

Four hours in a Starbucks sounds like hell.


Awww, I'd even share my Venti Hot Mocha with you guys. 3 straws = big smiles!

Thanks for the fun pictures.

Molly Mary

Guy in the back on the phone: "OMG, Betty, that guy from 'Kids in the Hall' is here. No, not that one. The other one. No, wait, it's not him. Fuck, Betty, figure out the meatloaf recipe on your own. Maybe that is him..."

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