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October 12, 2007

San Francisco

Today we're in sunny San Francisco, and by "sunny," I mean freezing cold and pouring. This evening, we're doing a show at the Fillmore. Should be fun, although I'm worried that the show is going to be overrun by the whole "free love" crowd. There's nothing worse than trying to do a comedy show in front of a room full of smelly hippies. I mean, yes, there are worse things: cancer, for example. Or a bad piece of fish. That would also be worse. But as far as comedy shows go, there's nothing worse. Unless it's angry, smelly hippies. Angry hippies are the worst hippies of all.

Tomorrow The State is getting together to begin writing a new project. More details to follow.


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Can hippies even get angry? I'm sure it's physically impossible to get angry with 14 bongfulls of blow in you lungs, and a chrysanthemum up your arse.

Awaiting the State details with baited breath! (And I'm not talking a mouthful of chum...)


Got Cancer? "Walk it off, dude, walk it off."

Regarding the State project, I have just wet myself with excitement!


Wow...I really need to do some laundry because I about wet myself with excitement too about new "State stuff" (for the 2nd time (the first was when I read that The State was going to be released on DVD!!!). My VHS copy of Skits & Stickers is very worn out.

No comment about Portland? You talked about Seattle, then skipped over Portland & are on to San Francisco? Are we that forgettable? :(

I love you anyway...and please keep coming back to Portland! :)


Sorry about the hecklers tonight, Michael


I sure hope you packed your cardigan and chenille socks.


I wished you guys would have done the music/movie game longer!("I'm not going to be like you dad!!") You said you could go all night and I assure you we wouldn't have minded. Also, the crazy lady yelling about the brick through the window...priceless.


aw shucks its the 15th and iiiii missed it

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