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October 16, 2007

San Diego Recap

Ah, San Diego, the city about which nobody has ever written a song. We didn't see much of San Diego, but what we saw we liked. Big warships out in the harbor, a couple of runaways, some hookers, and a storefront poker emporium that spread a very soft 5-10 NL game. Yes, San Diego, you treated us pretty good, and the server at your Denny's was gracious considering the hour.

How about the show, you ask? The show was good. We had a very friendly, supportive crowd over at the House of Blues, including one gentleman I will call "Cisco," who did not work at the House of Blues but acted as my personal security for the duration of the show. He actually took to the role with a little too much gusto, methought, although he was a philosophy major at Humboldt College. How dangerous could a stoner philosophy major be? When asked who his favorite philospher was, he cited Nietzsche. When asked why, he said because he was "funny." Funny is not the word that comes first to my mind when considering the philospher respoinsible for the philosophical underpinnings of the Nazi regime, but who am I judge another man's sense of humor?

Tomorrow we fly back to New York, a city about which many songs have been written. If you have to ask yourself why so many people have written songs about New York, but none have written any about San Diego, you probably have never been to either place.


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I hope you keep in touch with Cisco. He seems like a real catch.


Did you have the Moon Over My-Hammy or the Grand Slam?


Come on, MIB. The Nazis misrepresented Nietzschean philosophy (FN's sister sold him out to Hitler long after FN's death). No, he still wasn't funny, but he wasn't a genocidal monster, either.


If you're on the right drugs, even Nietzsche is hilarious. "Cisco" obviously has the right drugs, and you should have asked for the name of his supplier.


"Do you know the wHHay to San Jose?".."Are you going to San Fraaaan Cisco..?" Yeah. A few questions about other cities, nothing about 'Diego. Like, man.

And so pleased to hear you had a supportive friendly crowd. You guys deserve it.

Ethereal Zoe

Hey, if you come across a stoner philosopher in a dark alley, you are in very *real* danger of being bored to death. You'd better believe it. Best security a dimebag can buy.

Glad to hear that your San Diego experience was pleasant, and I hope your trip back to NY is quick and safe.


Now is the perfect time for a good song about San Diego, to be written by you...called "San Diego Cisco." Get to work.


There actually is a song about San Diego sorta. Not a good one but when I lived there as a kid and was starting to learn violin the teacher had me practice the tune by putting words to it. It would go "San Diego Freeway" (*along with violin notes playing*).... heh ok so it's not really a song but oh well. My love for California is great but I've been to New York city two times and am already sucked into it's greatness (aka the awesome comedians there).

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