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October 15, 2007

Las Vegas

Somebody once sang a song entitled, "Leaving Las Vegas." How ironic, considering that is exactly what I am doing today. As I type I'm sitting at McCarran Aiport waiting to join the rest of my fellow passengers in "B" Group to board. I checked out some of the "A" Group and "C" Group, and all things being equal, I'm pretty psyched about my group. We may not have "A" Group's flash or "C" Group's swagger, but I think we've got a good, solid group and I'm looking forward to boarding with them.

Vegas, as always, was weird. Most of the audience didn't really know who we were, so I felt the need to temper my act a little bit. Conventioneers don't necessarily want to hear elephant rape jokes. Or maybe they do; I don't know. Did we play poker before the show? We did. Did we play poker after the show? We did. Did I stay up until five in the morning because I was playing poker? I'm going to leave to your imaginations.

Now we are off to San Diego for the final stop on the West Coast leg of our tour. And then tomorrow, thankfully, home.


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Hope you won lots of $$money$$!! 5am? Bet the smell of coffee beans is coming out of your pores.

Have a great finish to your West Coast tour and a safe trip home to the fam.


I'm glad you got some quality poker time in, and I'm sure you made quite a few Vegas fans happy as well.


here's hoping it was strip poker.



That orange velour track suit Phil Stubbs wore to play poker, that was yours, wasn't it? You just added the Duck tape to make it seem ridiculous...


Okay totally late, but I was at that show and you are right it was weird. I have had the pleasure (sarcasm) of living in Vegas for the past 4 years and this city is pretty lame. I guess there is a decent music scene, not my taste though.

I would venture to say almost 75% of the crowd had no idea what type of humor to expect, nor quite caught on. I do appreciate you calling out the drunk chick who was talking way too much.

Both you guys were funny, I think you were better received though. And please next time you tour, give Vegas a shot again - there are at least a few people in this town who appreciate comedy.


I usually get B group on planes. You're right. B is nice and solid. If not a tiny bit Boring.

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