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October 13, 2007


Arrived in Los Angeles this morning after enduring a nightmarish trip from San Francisco. Literally, nightmarish. First of all, I was naked the whole time and everybody from my high school was there laughing at me. Then, a giant eagle snatched my penis and gobbled it down whole. More laughter from my high school friends. Then we stopped for gas. Some coffee, back on the road, an evil clown fucked my wife who appeared out of nowhere, and then we bedded down for the night at a Best Western.

This morning was a little better, although we did hit a huge traffic snarl on I-5. Big accident, some fatalities, and foam. I felt horrible for the loss of life, but I liked seeing all the foam. Got to Los Angeles in the early afternoon, hung out with the State, and now we're about to perform at the Ivar Theater in Hollywood.


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you are arrogant.


All I heard was "naked", "penis" and "foam", then I blanked out for awhile...


"...hung out with the State..."

Star fucker.

I hope your penis gave the eagle really bad heartburn. And that's not a sentence I ever thought I'd have to type in anyone's blog comments...


I hope you get your wife into therapy since she's repeatedly been raped by your blog characters!
I'd like to know what the foam was. A latte truck? Hobby Lobby truck filled with pillow stuffing? Body wash? The possibilities...

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