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October 29, 2007

I'm Ready

Say you find yourself walking down a darkened street late at night. Say a couple of thugs emerge from the shadows wielding knives and machine guns. Are you ready? Because I am. I'm ready for anything.

Say you're flying twelve thousand feet above sea level. Now say the pilot drops dead and an engine explodes. Are you ready? I am.

A dragon sets your town on fire? I'm ready.

Somebody needs the phone number of a good florist? I am ready.

The Boy Scouts have their motto: be prepared. Being prepared might have been fine a hundred years ago, but now it's not enough. In today's world, you've got to be more than prepared. You've got to be ready. And that's what I am.

Ready to fight. Ready to love. Ready to do a tricky dental extraction under less than optimal conditions. On myself. I am ready.

But here's the thing: a lot of guys are ready. I can name three hundred guys who are ready. But are they willing? You've got to be both ready and willing. Am I ready and willing? No I am not.

Ready, yes. Willing, no.

Which is why when the shit goes down, I am going to die.


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I'm always willing. But not ready. Or able. Don't forget the able guy.


I think you underestimate yourself. You're pretty quick on your feet (which is completely different from being light in the loafers).


I was born ready! And a little jaundiced. ("ba-dum-*cymbal crash*")


I'm never willing either. Got the fist down on the pavement, ass in the air, legs bent, ready to sprint, the gun fires... and I plop down and read "Glamour".


oh michael, you make me laugh. especially the part

"Ready, yes. Willing, no.

Which is why when the shit goes down, I am going to die."

oh and the picture makes me think the wrong thing. not necessarily dirty, just wrong.


haha! i love laughing, especially at people willing to die. what?

oh, true story: my scottish clan's motto: Je Suis Prest- I am Ready. gives you goosebumps just thinking about it doesn't it?

scottish, and yet it's french? why.

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